10 years later, still here! And now?


SEETIES Seeing the cities of the world through curious eyes and creative minds of citizens and travellers – for us, CCTzens & CCTravellers. Telling places and people, the beauty of the world that is everywhere and especially in details that make the difference – because different is beautiful! Always following the heart or soul or whatever it is, passion! Free and independent like every little thing we have managed to achieve.

World map in cork by Miss Wood

Our story begins exactly 10 years ago when a girl who loves writing and a guy who loves taking photos decided to share the wonder for reality in a virtual space called SeeCity or CCT. They chose a date – 09.09.09 – and “went online”: www.cct-seecity.com. This web guidezine was born that day!

In 10 years, CCT has experimented with different paths: we have become a global community by opening the publishing platform to anyone who wants to tell their city and/or their travels; we offered hospitality in exchange for stories, inviting creatives from all over the world to explore and tell the Italian cities of Prato, Pistoia, Palermo (P is just a coincidence!); we organised a European tour to explore the metropolises of Rome, Madrid, London, Berlin, Paris on foot and by night, from dusk to dawn, together with The Midnight Run‘s artists and UNESCO’s patronage; together with Liter of Light Italia, instead, we have filled recycled bottles with solar energy and some of these have arrived as far as Dakar; we made some documentaries for TV, sometimes even for cinema; we fell in love with industrial archeology by visiting beautiful abandoned factories together with TAI – Tuscan Art Industry; at times we have also transformed ourselves into professors, trying to teach, starting from our experience, how to promote a territory through the web (and not only); we have rediscovered a tiny village in Tuscany that’s also an open-air museum, it’s called Castagno di Piteccio, we have published a guide book about this magic place and here we have also organised a festival, the Borgo Museo Festival.

In these first 10 years we have made many mistakes and learned a lot, we have won some awards, collaborated with wonderful people from all over the globe and known realities that make our world more beautiful; we have created many other little things, all precious and unforgettable for us, some as romantic as a Place Concert, others as crazy as a trip by Ape Calessino from Prato to Milan in December; we almost froze but it was too much fun, we would do it again and again, as we would do everything we’ve done so far. Despite the immense effort, the crazy joy alternated with the many moments in which we asked ourselves but why? what, who makes us do it?! – we would do everything again. This year, 2019, has been particularly complicated. CCT obviously doesn’t give up, but we have taken a decision: from now on, we’ll try to get back to our first steps, our first essence, the first day, the first dream, to tell true and beautiful stories through the curiosity and creativity of an increasingly open and varied community, to dedicate ourselves mainly to our publishing activity; we’ll take a break from the organisation of projects and events that we love but that in the last five years have taken a lot and perhaps too much energy away from our first mission. We look at the past to imagine the future. We go back to move forward. THANK YOU from the heart for staying with us!

And now? Now we let ourselves be inspired by the birthday gift received from Barcelona, the city where CCT – 10 years ago – began its journey. A map of the world (in cork) on which to mark one’s steps, those already made but especially those still to accomplish. It says “LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD” and today that’s our birthday seems like the perfect day to start dreaming of and planning new explorations, in search of many other stories to share… The perfect day to restart from here.

#SeeCity #OneWorld

Love, CCTeam

Thanks Miss Wood for this so special map, we immediately hung it in the studio! 🙂

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