Aria Gaddhipulina - Antonio Castrignanò feat. Cici Cafaro - 01

LECCE Uno scorcio di Salento vissuto in una simbolica “curte” della Grecìa Salentina, nel Comune di Calimera, in cui il musicista Antonio Castrignanò condensa la sua personale esperienza a contatto con il microcosmo dell’amico, poeta popolare e cantore, Cici Cafaro. Qui il testo e la traduzione di una pizzica salentina, che canta di Gallipoli, re-interpretata in un coinvolgente video girato nel 2016.

Damien Rice - 10 Days To Barcelona

DUBLIN-BARCELONA 10 years ago, on 1st June 2008, Damien Rice embarked on a ’10 Days To Barcelona’ project. The idea was to drive from Dublin to Barcelona in his old Mini, with some friends, and write a new song each day on the journey. The songs, recordings & film footage of the project have lived on the shelf for the past 10 years. It has only recently been dusted off and prepared for a slow release, over the coming months, for the 10th Anniversary of that slow travel. Here are two versions of the first song “100 Miles Across The Room”. An acoustic version and a more produced version. Both are rough mixes and unmastered. More songs coming later… Stay tuned!

How small are we in the scale of the universe? 6

SEETIES & THE UNIVERSE. “On the scale of a galaxy, let alone the universe, we’re smaller than we can readily comprehend, but we do have the capacity to wonder, to question, to explore, to investigate, and to imagine. So the next time you stand gazing up at the night sky, take a moment to think about the enormity of what is beyond your vision, out in the dark spaces between the stars.”