PALERMO - Beyond the walls - MAP

PALERMO in four neighbourhoods that are not featured on many travel guides: Costa Sud, Danisinni, ZEN (Zona Espansione Nord) and Isola delle Femmine. Four places where buildings, villas and tourists disappear in favour of everyday life of Palermitans. Four short stories in the drawings and photos by Antoine Séguin & Iris Akram. #CCTravellers2018

Palermo 2018 - Foto di Simone Ridi - 001

PALERMO, a city that cultivates coexistence. “An infinite imagined garden, a place of beauty and multiculture in its human flowering, in its traces of epochs that overlap and stratify, all visible in a single building, all legitimised to exist beyond the imposed rules.” It’s how Stefania Rinaldi tells about, accompanying the photographs by Simone Ridi in this (true) story signed by the two co-founders of CUT – Circuito Urbano Temporano. #CCTravellers2018

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Armação dos Búzios: more commonly known as Búzios, this fishing village – thanks to its over 23 beautiful beaches – has become a beloved place by vacationers. It’s located on the coast north of Rio de Janeiro, 177 km away from the metropolis. Here we tell you about it through a colourful street photo gallery by Patric Alfred Haroldo, enjoy! :)

Castagno di Piteccio by CCT-SeeCity 2017 - 37

PISTOIA A few summers ago, while we were hosting the #CCTravellers in the Italian Capital of Culture 2017, we discovered a place that we fell in love with at the first encounter. Yes, with Castagno di Piteccio it was love at first sight. And among the Creative Curious Travellers, who came to Tuscany from various parts of the World, with whom we repeatedly visited this tiny #BorgoMuseo a few kilometers from the city, there’s even someone who told us: “it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen”.

Vicolo dei Bacchettoni

PISTOIA Nel centro storico c’è un posticino dimenticato persino dai pistoiesi e poi, da luglio 2018, tornato a nuova vita: la Piazzetta Sant’Atto ed il Vicolo dei Bacchettoni. Un angolo di città nascosto, al quale si accede da una volta adiacente al loggiato della Chiesa di San Leone situata nell’omonima piazza. Sotto la volta a sinistra, la scritta “Art changes everything” (L’arte cambia ogni cosa) incuriosisce e preannuncia qualcosa di magico che, dopo pochi passi, si aprirà alla nostra vista.