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PISTOIA For those who love being enchanted not only by the architectural and artistic beauties of the old town but also by its most curious and unusual stories, I always suggest to explore the city centre upside down! Why? Pistoia is known for having and preserving for centuries a rather bizarre toponymy. Here is an example that fascinates us in a particular way!

Tales from a town called Blackburn

BLACKBURN Through memories and reflections, the stories associated with three abandoned buildings and their modern counterparts are used to look at what unites and divides the people of this industrial northern town of England. From Brexit to race, industry to ageing, sometimes funny, sometimes affecting, always engaging. A 15-minute documentary commissioned by the Arts Council and directed by award winning London based director Liam Saint-Pierre (originally from Blackburn).

Snaturalmente_16 Raffaele_Pozzi

MACERATA Un progetto fotografico (ideato dal collettivo Terra Racconta) che è la narrazione intelligente, ironica e sensibile, di un territorio – quello marchigiano – fatto di sempre più persone che scelgono di restare o tornare. Storie meravigliose di resilienza, coraggio e passione. Adesso in mostra sugli spazi della pubblica affissione, sparsi in città!

#CCTourUSEitPrato Instagram Workshop 9 Nov 2017 post cover

PRATO, 9 Novembre 2017. Qui tutte le storie condivise su Instagram dai partecipanti al CCTour with USE-IT Prato | WORKSHOP to map and share stories. Un laboratorio di storytelling per la promozione del territorio, parte dell’evento gratuito “Prato Glocal: un giorno per esplorare e raccontare la città al mondo!” – promosso dal Comune di Prato in ambito del progetto “Spirit Youth” co-finanziato dall’Unione Europea. A cura di CCT-SeeCity & CUT – Circuito Urbano Temporaneo con la partecipazione di USE-IT Prato + Visit Prato + Igers Prato & Igers Pistoia + Officina Giovani & Spazio Quilombo + Città di Prato! GRAZIE di cuore a tutti i partecipanti!!! #CCTourUSEitPrato


PRATO Evento gratuito e aperto a tutti, soprattutto ai cittadini e viaggiatori più curiosi! Promosso dal Comune di Prato in ambito del progetto “Spirit Youth” co-finanziato dall’Unione Europea. A cura di CCT-SeeCity & CUT – Circuito Urbano Temporaneo​ con la partecipazione di USE-IT Prato​ + Visit Prato​ + Igers Prato​ & Igers Pistoia​ + Officina Giovani & Quilombo​ + Città di Prato​! #SeeCity #PratoGlocal #CCTourUSEitPrato


PISTOIA “The noise of the wheels on the still-warm tile of the patio woke my companions up; it was past 2 AM when I reached the plant nursery and the flat surrounded by yuccas, exhausted from a long car drive and wandering around in the middle of nowhere. Pistoia and its asleep villas seemed to be a lookout checking for strangers like me; I rushed in with no other expectation than a good night of sleep and here they were, waiting for me.” Continue reading this (true) story by Marie Beckrich | illustration: Tom Treadway | #CCTravellers2017

CCT-Pistoia2017 by ComòMag.

PISTOIA Comò Mag. tells stories through a direct contact with people. It finds inspiration in those who dedicate time to their passions. For this reason, during the experience as CCTravellers, it has decided to dwell on who the city lives every day in a curious and creative way: “We’ve been immersed for three days in Pistoia’s life and now our drawers are full of new stories to share. We invite you to our journey, made up of faces and words, those of the beautiful people we met.”