Pistoia Vicolo Malconsiglio

Gianna Tosi

Vicolo Malconsiglio in Pistoia connect Via di Santo Stefano to Via Can Bianco. Popular tradition has it that this alley takes its name from a bad advice that was given to Dore Cancellieri, from his own family, following a heated quarrel with his cousin Vanni. In 1286, in fact, Dore, most likely after drinking a little too much, wounded his cousin Vanni, cutting off his hand. The family then “reunited in council” decided to send Dore to his uncle to ask for forgiveness. But Dore was misguided because he had been beaten by his uncle, and he was severely beaten and his hand was cut off. According to another tradition, the origin of the name can be linked to the bloody struggles that raged in the city, at about the same time, between Panciatichi and Cancellieri Neri. The latter because of the bad advice given to the population of Pistoia, caused riots and upheavals to erupt. The citizens then in revolt, destroyed the houses of the Chancellors and the exponents of the noble family were forced to flee, also abandoning their historic residence called Castel Damiata. According to some, the name of this Vicolo reflects the character of the Pistoiese. In defense of my fellow citizens, however, I want to emphasize that the human soul is often a harbinger of conflict, hatred and anger and this is therefore not a prerogative of the Pistoiesi. In fact, they have shown over time to have a great heart and to be dedicated to volunteering and hospitality.The name of this Vicolo Malconsiglio is nothing more than the will to underline what and how badly bad advice can do, especially if given to those who do not know how to interpret it.

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