Pistoia, city of plants and zebra-striped churches

Shiran Hadi

Stories by the “Creative Curious Travellers 2017” about the city of Pistoia. Thanks to: Giorgio Tesi Group | Discover Pistoia | NATURART | La Sala | FAI Giovani – Pistoia | BrickScape.it | Brandini – Pistoia | Comune di Pistoia | Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture 2017.

Pistoia by Shiran Hadi
Pistoia, 2017 – Diorama / art design by Shiran Hadi & photo by Tamuz Rachman

PISTOIA is known in the world for its plants and zebra-striped churches. But why?

City of plants | The province of Pistoia is the heart of the Italian plant nurseries sector; it’s a unique area, where you can find plants from all over the world.

City of zebra-striped churches | One of the main features of Pistoia is the architecture of its “zebra-ish churches” (the term used for the first time by Pistoia architect Giovanni Michelucci in 1992) for the recurrent white-black bicromio present on the facades (as well as in many urban details). The most spectacular of these is the Romanesque church of San Giovanni Fuorcivitas. As Anna Scrigni tells and show us, its side facade gives a perfect background to snap a shot to people walking by.

And what is Pistoia for you, instead? 🙂 

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