#CCTravellers2017, welcome to Pistoia!


PISTOIA Here are the 50 guests selected through the CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017” that has received 304 submissions from all around the World! The #CCTravellers2017 will spend some days in Pistoia – Italian Capital of Culture 2017 – from mid July to mid September, to explore the city and find their story… to tell and share on our web guidezine!

In this guest LIST, below, there is a short introduction about everyone but – if you are curious – you can find out many beautiful things about the creativity of these writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists from all around the World, just clicking on their websites, blogs or social media. 😉

Welcome Home! & More…

  • Accommodation by a spacious and cosy apartment in the middle of a plant nursery, a few minutes from the city centre, at the headquarters of our main sponsor Giorgio Tesi Group: leading company in the production of ornamental plants and cultivated surface in Europe, which has become standard-bearer of the beauties of Pistoia and its territory around the world through NATURART magazine and Discoverpistoia.it portal.
  • Free entrance to museums, exhibitions and events of Pistoia 2017.
  • La Sala “tickets” for your lunch + dinner in Piazza della Sala.
  • FAI Giovani Pistoia will provide information and will be happy to show the most beautiful hidden places of this city and its surroundings.
  • BrickScape.it – the experiential tourism search engine – will offer to some #CCTravellers2017 (selected according to their proximity to the tourism topic), an experience in Tuscany: because Pistoia is an ideal base to explore this beautiful region!
  • CCT & Friends’ stickers to spread smiles! 🙂

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THE CITY! According to their passions and cultural interests, we’ll be super happy to put our special guests in touch with creative curious locals and cultural independent organisations. So, if you are based in Pistoia and would like to meet and create something together with one or more #CCTravellers2017, please contact the CCTeam [email: hello@cct-seecity.com | tel. +39 366 9777735]. Thank you!

304 submissions!

First of all, we are truly honored and thankful for every single submission, it was very difficult for us to make this selection: our CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017 has received 304 submissions from all around the World, all interesting and passionate. Unfortunately, for technical limits, it was supposed to host maximum 40 people. We have tried to do our best to guarantee the widest diversity in storytelling formats, creativity and cultural backgrounds. And also we have tried to do our best to host as much people as possibile: in the end we’ll manage to welcome 50 #CCTravellers2017 from all around the World! We’ll try to keep in touch with all the candidates anyway and please note this: our community is always open. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart!

50 #CCTravellers2017!

This LIST is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER (considering the first name of the people who submitted the application for him/herself or for his/her own team). If you are in the list, you can share the news and tell your (future-present-past) experience with the hashtags #CCTravellers2017 & #SeeCity. More useful hashtags: #Pistoia2017 & #DiscoverPistoia. You can also tag @CCTseecity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+: we’ll be super happy to re-post all the contents related to this project!

Note: in these days, we’ll email you info and details about your stay in Pistoia and then we’ll get in touch again before your arrival. For any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the CCTeam.

#CCTravellers2017 is a project by CCT-SeeCity for the City of Pistoia. 

“CCTravellers” is a co-storytelling project created, promoted and organised by CCT-SeeCity. A project for the promotion of Creativity, Culture, Territory. An opportunity for every creative curious traveller but also (and especially) for the city involved. A simple and flexible format, ideal for telling everything that is still ignored or little known by the mass, in favour of a conscious and sustainable, slow and widespread tourism, in contact with the most authentic local life.

This is our second edition after the first experiment in Prato: #CCTravellers2016.

We can’t wait to welcome you all! See you soon in Pistoia, #CCTravellers2017! 🙂

Love, CCTeam

#CCTravellers2017 - Welcome Home - Pistoia

* UPDATE/NOTE: the names deleted by a line are the selected participants who then for personal reasons could not come to Pistoia and so join the project.


who: Ana Claver Lacasa | photographer

with: Marta Claver Lacasa | illustrator

from: Huesca, Aragon, Spain

when: 2-6 August

what: @aniann_ | www.martaclaverlacasa.com

who: Andrea Lavezzaro | photographer

from: Brazil / Berlin, Germany

with: partner, assistant

when: 14-17 September

what: lavezzaro.com

who: Andrea Metafuni | photographer, instagramer

from: Bologna, Italy

with: to be confirmed

when: 28-30 August

what: andremeta.format.com | @andremeta

who: Andrea Piotto | CCTzen, photographer

from: La Spezia, Italy

with: Michele Lepera | illustrator

from: Genova, Italy

when: 31 July – 2 August

what: www.andreapi8.com | www.cct-seecity.com

who: Anna Horvath | illustrator

from: Budapest, Hungary / Berlin, Germany

with: Shawn James | music journalist

from: La Valletta, Malta / Budapest, Hungary

when: 30 July – 2 August

what: annajamesdesign.com

who: Anna Scrigni | travel blogger

from: Trieste/Roma, Italy

with: Cosimo Alemà | director

from: Roma, Italy

when: 25-28 July

what: annascrigni.com | www.cosimoalema.it 

who: Arcadi Poch | culture director at “Montana Colors”, street art writer

from: Barcelona, Spain 

when: to be confirmed

what: www.montanacolors.com | CREATICITY book

who: Ash Rehn | writer

from: Sydney, Australia

with: Christian Hagward | photographer

from: Stockholm, Sweden

when: 16-20 July

what: www.ashrehn.com | hagward.tumblr.com


who: Carolin Rugabber | floreal designer

with: to be confirmed

from: Berlin, Germany

when: 15-17 September

who: Comò Mag | Carlotta Scalabrini + Chiara Tonelli + Nicolò Davoli

from: Reggio Emilia, Italy

when: 8-10 July

what: www.comomag.it


who: Eleonora Tricarico | travel blogger

from: Gallipoli (Lecce) Italy

when: 28-30 August

what: www.tricaricovunque.com

who: Eligia Napoletano | digital pr, instagramer

from: Alberobello (Bari) Italy

when: 28-30 August

what: @eligianap

who: Emanuele Giannini | filmmaker

with: Rossella Benedetto | filmmaker

from: Potenza, Italy

when: 10-13 July

what: studio-eg.com 


who: Grace Noh | art curator, co-founder at “MiA Collective Art”

with: Masahito Ono | photographer

from: New York, USA 

when: 2-6 August

what: www.miacollectiveart.comwww.masahitoono.com

who: Gionata Smerghetto | photographer, instagramer

with: Settimo Cannatella | instagramer, founder of Garageraw.com

from: Venezia, Italy

when: 25-28 August

what: www.gionatasmerghetto.com | @gionata_s | www.garageraw.com | @seventhsoul


who: Ilenia Vecchio | CCTzen

from: Prato, Italy

when: 11 July

what: www.cct-seecity.com


who: Jennifer Padjemi | journalist

from: Paris, France

with: Mélody Thomas | writer

from: Paris, France

when: 8-12 September

what: www.buzzfeed.com/jenniferpadjemi/ | www.melodythomas.fr

who: Johanna Lee | writer, photographer

from: USA / Berlin, Germany

with: Anna Patton | writer, photographer

from: Northern Ireland / Berlin, Germany

when: 8-11 September

what: johannajuni.com | annapatton.me


who: Ksenia Zizina | travel blogger

with: Pavel Fedoseyev | photographer

from: Glasgow, UK

when: 25-28 August

what: www.fat-creative.com/blog


who: Martin Farragher | musician and traveller

from: Ireland / Doha, Qatar

when: 15-17 July

what: farawaymartin.wordpress.com

who: Marie Beckrich | CCTzen, writer

from: Strasbourg, France

with: Virginie Meyer

from: Strasbourg/Nice, France

when: 28-30 July

what: www.cct-seecity.com

who: Miriam Figueras | illustrator

from: Barcelona, Spain

when: 17-21 July

what: www.miriamfigueras.com


who: Niamh Farrelly | filmmaker

with: Christian Charles | poet

from: Bath/London, UK

when: 24-27 July

what: niamhfarrelly.com

who: Nora Nadjarian | poet and short story writer

from: Nicosia, Cyprus

when: 12-16 July

what: wikipedia.org 


who: Richard Bohn | photographer, instagramer

from: Leipzig, Germany

with: Riadh Larbi | photographer, instagramer

from: Hamburg, Germany / Tunisia

with: Thai Hoang | photographer, instagramer

from: Berlin, Germany / Hanoi-soul, Vietnam

when: 20-24 July

what: @hrrbhn@aguynamedriadh | @loewe7


who: Stefania Clemente | writer

with: Danilo Filippo Barbarinaldi | DAB, illustrator

from: Matera, Italy

when: 1-4 September

what: www.stefaniaclemente.com | dabitudine.blogspot.it

storytellers from Matera 2019


who: Teija Vaittinen | theatre performer

from: Finland / Berlin, Germany

when: 31 August – 4 September

who: The Skolz | Giulia Bortolini, photographer

from: Agordo, Italy

when: 31 August – 4 September

what: www.theskolz.com

who: The Style Pusher | TSP team

from: Milano, Italy

when: to be confirmed

what: www.thestylepusher.com

who: Thomas Treadway | digital designer

from: Seattle, Washington, USA / Berlin, Germany

with: Austin Blair | photographer

from: Seattle, Washington – USA

when: 27-31 July

what: tomtreadway.comabvisions.international

who: Tsjisse Talsma | illustrator

with: Debora Westra | illustrator

from: Groningen, Netherlands

when: 11 – 14 September

what: www.tsjissetalsma.comdeborawestra


who: Valentina Miozzo | travel blogger

with: Mirko Malerba | photographer

from: Modena, Italy

when: 12-15 September

what: www.viaggiarelibera.com | @happilunedi


who: We Are Lovers | team

from: Milano, Italy

when: to be confirmed

what: www.wearelovers.it

who: What Italy Is | instagramers

from: Italy

when: to be confirmed

what: www.whatitalyis.com | @whatitalyis


who: Zohar Winer | illustrator and graphic designer

from: Tel Aviv, Israel / Berlin, Germany

with: Shiran Hadi | industrial designer

from: Tel Aviv, Israel

when: 21-15 July

what: zoharwiner.com + shiranhadi = EyeCandy Studio

* UPDATE/NOTE: the names deleted by a line are the selected participants who then for personal reasons could not come to Pistoia and so join the project.


If you want to know more, you can have a look at the CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017 post where we have explained also WHY we believe in this project:

CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017

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