SEETIES Now we let ourselves be inspired by the birthday gift received from Barcelona, the city where CCT – 10 years ago – began its journey. A map of the world (in cork) on which to mark one’s steps, those already made but especially those still to accomplish. It says “LET’S TRAVEL THE WORLD” and today that’s our birthday seems like the perfect day to start dreaming of and planning new explorations, in search of many other stories to share… The perfect day to restart from here. #SeeCity #OneWorld – Love, CCTeam

WORLD ‘Mindless Crowd’ is a collage of drone footage combined with a voiceover from the 1960s. The short film examines the different patterns and various formations which human civilisation has shaped on the surface of planet earth. It therefore uses only one single perspective, the top view. A 4-minute film by German (from Nürnberg) director Jacco Kliesch. Be curious and watch it!

PALERMO “Why her? Why give her a space? Some people thought I was looking for a space to show my photos but here you won’t see my works. The ambition is much higher. I want to see others grow, I want to discover talents and cultivate them. And so what you will see won’t be my photos but, near the door of my studio, a red neon made by Riccardo Gueci: picchì idda?”

PRATO Evento gratuito e aperto a tutti, soprattutto ai cittadini e viaggiatori più curiosi! Promosso dal Comune di Prato in ambito del progetto “Spirit Youth” co-finanziato dall’Unione Europea. A cura di CCT-SeeCity & CUT – Circuito Urbano Temporaneo​ con la partecipazione di USE-IT Prato​ + Visit Prato​ + Igers Prato​ & Igers Pistoia​ + Officina Giovani & Quilombo​ + Città di Prato​! #SeeCity #PratoGlocal #CCTourUSEitPrato

PISTOIA, 6 luglio 2017 ore 18.00 – presso la sede di Giorgio Tesi Group // Annuncio dei 50 creativi selezionati attraverso la “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017” (su 304 candidature) che esploreranno e racconteranno la città di Pistoia al Mondo + Presentazione del libro “Rifondata sulla Bellezza” di Emilio Casalini, giornalista di Report/RAI e primo ospite speciale!