PLACES to see, WOMEN to know

SEETIES When we visit a city, we want to see the places and know the people most representative, places and people that are symbols, history of a territory, culture of a community. History, culture, art: since always narrated as facts, thoughts and works, above all or exclusively created by men. Almost as if – with the exception of some queens, muses or rare “rebels” – half of the human population had never existed; almost as if among all the women of the world, mothers, sisters, lovers, there had never been philosophers, poetesses, painters, scientists, explorers, revolutionaries.

This column is born with the intention of telling the female protagonists of past and contemporary History through the places of our cities.

It’s been months, maybe a couple of years, that I think about it. Since I found a book entitled “Mujeres de Barcelona” (Women of Barcelona) by Jaime Gállego – graduated in modern history, he’s passionate about his city and author of the blog barcelonaapie.wordpress.comwhich tells the extraordinary life of eight women from the Catalan capital, indicating the neighbourhoods and places they have lived in: symbols that everyone, walking through the city, can see remembering these stories, these women.

I hesitated, I had some doubts: on the one hand the fear of treating “women” as a special theme, on the other the desire to deal with a global issue without geographical limits, indeed, but how? Then I said to myself: to centuries of literature, art, politics, laws that treat men in a special way, it is necessary to respond treating women in a special way – but in a positive sense, simply telling “the other half of History”, still little or not told at all. And I thought: we could involve our community but also our readers trying to – a little bit at a time – touch all the continents, all the countries, all the cities. We must have giant dreams to take small steps, right!?

And here I am, to invite you reading this post, to share a story, to tell us a place (or more) to see and a woman (or more) to know. It can be any place in the city you live in or a in a city you’ve visited. It can be a museum, cultural centre, literary café, house, studio, street, square, theatre, workshop, garden, park. We want to know the woman (or the group of women) that makes this place a cultural symbol, for sure locally and maybe even globally.

Just one rule: you must have seen it with your own eyes and explored it with your curiosity, you have to tell us about your experience and about the woman who through this place you have known a little (or vice versa).

A COLUMN OPEN TO EVERYONE’S CONTRIBUTION. There are three ways to take part in this co-storytelling project, choose yours:

  • Send an email to [] with “PLACES to see, WOMEN to know” as subject and tell us about the PLACE you have seen, about the WOMAN belonging somehow to this place, and then also a little about you: name and surname, city/country, birth date, profession and passions, blog or website if you have and social links (we need these info for your author’s profile). Note: you can attach text and images to the email or you can use
  • Fill out this online FORM!
  • BE to CCTzen! Join our community to publish this and other stories, and so save your content directly on our web guidezine. Note: if you already signed up and have an active profile, then you can already upload and share your story!

You can write in English and/or in Italian; in addition to the text, it’s recommended to send also and at least an image (suggested size = 72 dpi, long side of minimum 730 / maximum 2000 pixels); for the rest, free way to your creativity! If – for example – instead of many words, you prefer to use a series of photos with short captions or some illustrations, we’ll be very happy to receive any story format and any form of creative language.

The CCTeam (our editorial staff) will email you back soon, read/edit your story and publish it for the column “PLACES to see, WOMEN to know“. 

I don’t know where this journey will take us, I don’t know how long it will last. But I know that every little or big place, we’ll tell here, will be a precious contribution to draw together a new map of the World and tell the other half of History.

Before starting this journey among women, a premise

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Stories about places and women, told by you.

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