Lightscapes, cities like stars

SEETIES “Lightscapes” illustrates glowing cities at night through the medium of pin pricking holes in card. The holes are illuminated by lights in box frames. This project takes inspiration from images of some of the world’s most significant cities shot from a NASA satellite by night. Viewed from the sky, they look like stars.

The work is not scientific in its approach, but experiential. The observer sees the cities from an extraordinary point of view but they are recognizable, anyway, for the shapes defined by the illumination that they emit (and a flickering light make them alive). The impact of human industry is visible and the vision we have of the earth is just transient, contemporary and temporary: different from its past and inevitably intended to change.

The spectator thus experiences the controversial beauty of some famous urban landscapes designed by their own artificial lights, suggestive landscapes that make think also about the issue of light pollution and the uncertainty of the future: which shapes will have our cities in 10, 20, 50, 100 years?

Lightscapes is an art work by Troy Hyde, graphic designer and photographer from London.

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