Un messaggio per i 50 #CCTravellers2016 dal Direttore del Centro Pecci


PRATO “Oggi abbiamo bisogno di creare Comunità, Connessioni, …” – sostiene il Direttore Fabio Cavallucci. Ecco perché il Centro Pecci invita i #CCTravellers2016 [e allo stesso modo tutti i creativi del mondo] a visitare questo Luogo della Creatività.


A #message for the 50 #CCTravellers2016 from the @CentroPecci Director | @FabioCavallucci: “So, an invitation to visit us for the 50 creative people because this is a #Place for #Creativity. And this exhibition is made by more than 60 #Artists from all over the #World who in my opinion – obviously, according to my point of view – represent the top of #ContemporaryArt. But, to be honest, today things do not happen just because an artist says something and this automatically becomes a #CommonGood. Alone, nobody can do it. Today we need to create #Communities, #Connections, families of activities. And so #CreativePeople are interested to come not only to develop their own creativity but also because they have the responsibility to continue to create and show, highlight further creative possibilities.” #TheEndOfTheWorld exhibition. #CentroPecci, preview day. #Prato, 15 Oct. 2016. #SeeCity

Un video pubblicato da CCT-SeeCity (@cctseecity) in data:

#CCTravellers2016, welcome to Prato!