ETERNAL RETURN (and new beginning)

Stories by the “Creative Curious Travellers 2016” about the city of Prato. Thanks to: Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci | Camera di Commercio di Prato | USE-IT Prato | LeCù | Fonderia Cultart | Biscottificio Antonio Mattei | Cibino Take Away | Gelateria Fior di Sole | Apothéke Cocktail Bar | Dolci Amari | Caffè Vergnano | Camaloon | The GIRA.

Despite the particular name and the aesthetic not easily to codify, I was born in Florence 22 years ago and I’ve lived with my family in Vinci until adulthood. Then I moved to Milan but, among the many short or long travels in Italy and abroad, I couldn’t not to return to the Tuscan city on the occasion of the reopening of the Centro Pecci.



I thank CCT-SeeCity for the hospitality and the wonderful welcome and I deside to share with its community of travellers the performative journey that I’ve dedicated to one of my childhood “Art dens” [click here below]:


INFO sulla mostra: “La fine del mondo
@ Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
16 ottobre 2016 – 19 marzo 2017

NOTA del CCTeam:

This is the first story brought forth by the #CCTravellers2016 project: our first co-storytelling experiment for the promotion of Creativity, Culture, Territory that we have decided to achieve in the city of Prato on the occasion of the reopening of the first Italian institution for Contemporary Art.

Together with the performer Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi we start from the heart of the Centro Pecci to explore then, step by step, “the City of Contemporary Art in Italy” to its suburbs, up to its borders.

We’re doing it together with 50 Creative Curious Travellers from all over Italy, Europe and beyond. We’re doing it with curiosity and passion together with them but also with some local creative people and cultural independent organizations that want to share with the World this urban exploration and collaborative storytelling.

In fact, already for this first step, we must thank also the “pratese” photographer Simone Ridi who has portrayed Reverie’s performative moment. Thank you, Reverie. Thank you, Simone.

The end of the world“, at least for us, definitely marks a beautiful new beginning.

With Love, CCTeam

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