#CCTravellers2016, welcome to Prato!

Elena Mazzoni Wagner

PRATO Here are the 50 Creative Curious Travellers 2016: our special guests who’ll spend some days in Prato (Tuscany, Italy) from 16th October to 16th December, to visit the new Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, explore the city and find their story… to tell and share on our web guidezine!

In this guest LIST, below, there is a short introduction about everyone but – if you are curious – you can find out many beautiful things about the creativity of these writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists from all around Italy and many parts of Europe (and not only!), just clicking on their websites or blogs and social media. Anyway, during these months, we’ll tell you more about them all… 😉

Welcome Home! & More…

In addition to our hospitality (at Elena‘s home) and free entrance to the Centro Pecci, all the #CCTravellers2016 will received some local gifts and little surprises we’ll show you soon… And thanks to our partner The GIRA they could drive a very special “Ape calessino” with WiFi to move and share everywhere their adventure, from the centre to the suburbs!

Gifts & Surprises:

  • CCT-pin made by Camaloon.it (so cute but also useful to be immediately recognised by our local partners).
  • Prato. Guide to the City. (in Italian or in English). A gift by the Camera di Commercio di Prato.
  • USE-IT Prato printed Map (made by locals, in English).
  • Broken English Notebook” designed by LeCù exclusively for you!
  • Every day a GOURMAND morning with the handmade biscuits by Amari, with love from Carmignano.
  • While for the coffee, all the Italian quality of Caffè Vergnano, a true passion since 1882.
  • The GIRA: you could drive a very special “Ape calessino” with WiFi to move and share everywhere your adventure. Attention: it’s too much FUN!!!
  • Free entrance to the Museum, exhibition and events at Centro Pecci.
  • Ticket for your main dish of your (take-away o eat-in) lunch or dinner at the super good and healthy Cibino.
  • The famous “Blue Bag” with the Biscotti di Prato alle mandorle (traditional biscuits with almonds). A sweet gift by the historical Biscottificio Antonio Mattei (since 1858).
  • A free entrance or drink at Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni, the cultural space of Fonderia Cultart in the historical centre, rich in events/shows/concerts/workshops…
  • A cone or cup at Gelateria Fior di Sole (natural ice-cream exclusively made with local products for very greedy people, also vegan).
  • The original and unique Apothéke Cocktail Bar has created a limited edition (5 euros) just for you, ask for the #CCTravellers2016 drink and enjoy life.
  • CCT & Friends’ stickers to spread smiles! 🙂

IMPORTANT! According to their passions and cultural interests, we’ll be super happy to put our special guests in touch with creative curious locals and cultural independent organizations. So, if you are based in Prato and would like to meet and create something together with one or more #CCTravellers2016, please contact the CCTeam [email: hello@cct-seecity.com | tel. +39 366 9777735]. Thank you!

NOTE! This is a totally independent project: we do not receive any funding from any public institution. As always, we just do what we love. And everything we manage to do is just thanks to the incredible passion of our ever expanding community. So, thank you, CCTzens!

About this experiment, Artribune magazine has written: “(…) the Call for Creative Curious Travellers means to stimulate this narrative flow through a co-storytelling project for the promotion of Creativity, Culture, Territory – in practice a quality and sustainable advertising service – to export and repeat in other cities and countries (…)”.

#CCTravellers2016, we are sure together with you we’ll create something beautiful and eternal! 🙂

246 submissions!

First of all, we are truly honored and thankful for every single submission, it was very difficult for us to make this selection: our CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2016 has received 246 submissions from all around Europe (and not only), all interesting and passionate. Unfortunately, for technical limits, it was supposed to host maximum 40 people. We have tried to do our best to guarantee the widest diversity in storytelling formats, creativity and cultural backgrounds. And also we have tried to do our best to host as much people as possibile: in the end we’ll manage to welcome 50 #CCTravellers2016 from all around Italy and several European countries! We’ll try to keep in touch with all the candidates anyway and please note this: our community is always open. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart!

50 #CCTravellers2016!

This LIST is in ALPHABETICAL ORDER (considering the first name of the people who submitted the application for him/herself or for his/her own group of creative curious friends). If you are in the list, you can share the news and tell your (future-present-past) experience with the hashtags #CCTravellers2016 & #SeeCity. You can also tag @CCTseecity on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+: we’ll be super happy to re-post all the contents related to this project!

Note: in the following days, we’ll email you info and details about your stay in Prato and then we’ll get in touch again before your arrival. For any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact the CCTeam.

(*) people with this symbol after their names – as agreed – will join the project without staying at Elena‘s home, as they can easily reach Prato and have an alternative place to spend one or more nights: this way we can offer our accommodation to other CCTravellers coming from further cities and countries.

(**) people with this symbol after their names – as agreed – will share the accommodation at Elena‘s home with other special guests: this way we can host at the same time more CCTravellers who have applied for just one person.

We can’t wait to welcome you all! See you soon in Prato 🙂

Love, CCTeam


* UPDATE/NOTE: the names deleted by a line are the selected participants who then for personal reasons could not come to Prato and so join the project.


who: Aida Bresoli | visual artist [+1]

from: Barcelona, Spain

with: Tom McClean | visual artist

when: 31 October – 4 November

what: website (A) | website (T) | facebook page (A) | instagram (A) | instagram (T) | twitter (A) | vimeo (A)

who: Andrea Metafuni | digital storyteller (*)

from: Bologna, Italy

with: to be confirmed

when: to be confirmed

what: website | instagram | twitter

who: Anna Fornaciari | Travel On Art co-founder, art and travel blogger [+1]

from: Reggio Emilia, Italy

with: Anastasia Fontanesi | Travel On Art co-founder, art and travel blogger

when: 15-18 October

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter

who: Ashley Tinker | Curious Provence founder, fine art photographer [+1]

from: Montreal, Canada / Maussane-les-Alpilles, France

with: Robin | interior designer

when: 15-18 November

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Barbara Kulaga | LegoProjectPhoto co-founder [+1]

from: Ancona, Italy

with: Edoardo Piunti | LegoProjectPhoto co-founder

when: 26-28 October

what: facebook pageinstagram

> WINNERS of the #agiftforatruestory_creativity IG contest!


who: Carlotta Rubaltelli | Style and Trouble founder, fashion blogger [+1]

from: Parma, Italy

with: Eleonora Rubaltelli | Style and Trouble (Kitchen Trouble) food blogger

when: 24-26 October

what: website | facebook page | instagram (C) | instagram (E) | twitter

who: Chiara Grondana | Ad Extrema founder, storyteller (**)

from: San Secondo di Pinerolo, Torino, Italy

when: 14-18 December

what: website | instagram

who: Claudia Sirchia | photographer, social media manager, food blogger (**)

from: Palermo, Italy

when: 23-25 November

what: website | facebook pageinstagram | twitter

who: Cristina Soldano | art promoter, storyteller (**)

from: Bisceglie, Barletta-Andria-Trani, Italy

when: 23-25 November

what: flickrinstagram | twitter


who: Eleonora Tricarico | writer (**)

from: Gallipoli, Italy

when: 8-10 November

what: websitefacebook page | instagram | twitter

who: Eloisa Reverie Vezzosi | Art Mood On founder, artist (**)

from: Milano, Italy

when: 14-16 October

what: websitefacebook page | instagram | twitter

who: Enrica Pavanetto | writer and photographer

from: Venezia, Italy

with: Alessia Cadamuro | photographer

when: 28-30 October

what: instagram (E)


who: Francesca Pompei | arts and architecture photographer

from: Roma, Italy

when: 4-6 November

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Giancarlo Pace | writer, art curator [+1]

from: Milano, Italy

with: Teresa Vitali | art critic and curator

when: 18-20 November

what: website | instagram

who: Giuliana Guazzaroni | E-learning researcher, specialised in virtual and augmented reality [+1]

from: Macerata, Italy

with: Luca Tomassini | Tomas, visual artist

when: 6-8 November

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Inua Ellams | word and graphic artist, The Midnight Run founder [+1]

from: London, UK

when: 12-16 December

what: website | TheMNR | tumblrfacebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Jennifer Padjemi | journalist [+1]

from: Paris, France

with: Mélody Thomas | writer (and Pasolini addict)

when: 10-13 November

what: website (J) | website (M) | instagram (J) | instagram (M) | | twitter (J) | twitter (M)

who: Johanna Lee | writer and photographer (**)

from: Berlin, Germany

when: 18-21 October

what: website | instagram | twitter


who: Karl Hab | photographer

from: Paris, France

when: 21-24 October

what: tumblr | 24h Los Angeles (photo book) | instagram | twitter

who: Katie Garrett | filmmaker [+3]

from: London, UK

with: Michael Garrett | filmmaker and musician

with: Nicholas Herrmann | science fiction and comics writer

with: Ella Chappell | writer

when: 2-6 December

what: website | instagram | facebook page | twitter

who: Katie Johnston | illustrator/designer

from: London, UK

when: 13-15 November

what: website | instagramtwitter


who: Magali Theron Baudoin | Le Mag à Lire founder, lifestyle blogger [+1]

from: Marseille, France

with: Gaël | photographer

when: 12-14 December

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter

who: Margarita T. Pouso | narrative and travel journalist (**)

from: Barcelona, Spain

when: 14-17 December

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter

who: Margherita Vitellozzi | SoundsFood co-founder, food blogger [+1] (*)

from: Verona, Italy

with: Stefania BerlassoSoundsFood co-founder, music blogger

when: to be confirmed

what: website | facebook pageinstagram

who: Marika Marangella | Digital marketing student, @igers local manager (**)

from: Taranto, Italy

when: 8-10 November

what: instagram | twitter

who: Marina Viatkina | artist (**)

from: Moscow, Russia

when: 18-21 October

what: website | facebook page | instagramyoutube


who: Nicoletta Atzeni | Lifestills Collective filmmaker [+1]

from: Cagliari, Italy

with: Roberto Pinna | Lifestills Collective filmmaker

when: 6-9 December

what: website | facebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Stefania Clemente | writer [+1]

from: Matera, Italy

with: Danilo Filippo Barbarinaldi | DAB, illustrator

when: 9-12 December

what: website (S) | blog (D) | instagram (S) | twitter (S)

who: Stefano Da Rui | translation student  [+1]

from: Cison di Valmarino, Treviso, Italy

with: Lorenzo Lori | librarianship student

when: 27-29 November

what: facebook page (S) | instagram (S) | instagram (L)


who: Tess Matozza | MAPA #visualemotion co-founder  [+1]

from: Foggia, Italy

with: Luca Pagliara | MAPA #visualemotion co-founder

when: 25-27 November

what: websitefacebook page | instagram | twitter


who: Vicky Markolefa | photojournalist and documentarist  [+1]

from: Athens, Greece

with: Bastian Fischer | photographer

when: 20-23 November

what: website (V) | website (B) | facebook page (B) | instagram (V) | instagram (B) | twitter (V)

* UPDATE/NOTE: the names deleted by a line are the selected participants who then for personal reasons could not come to Prato and so join the project.


If you want to know more, you can have a look at the CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2016 post where we have explained also WHY we believe in this project:

CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2016

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