Cùlhunting | Ana Teresa Barboza: “Suspensión”


LIMA In her “Suspensión” series, Peruvian artist Ana Teresa Barboza has created some striking embroidered landscapes in which the yarn spills out of the frame, as if they would aspire to infinity. Born in Lima (Perú) in 1980, she lives and works in her native city.

AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-001 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-002 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-003 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-004 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-005 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-006 AnaTeresaBarboza-Suspensión-007


Artist: Ana Teresa Barboza

Alice Lou Tanzarella