The 2012 in 12 dates we CCTzens will remember *


CCTown 2012 was an intense and wonderful year for CCT-SeeCity. We dreamed so much to touch the stars above and above all we believed it. We’ve been so passionate and involved with arms, head and heart. It didn’t always go as we wanted, but many of our desires have come true. So we have smiled in front of the first great satisfactions, the first official and international recognition, the first small successes. And here, 12 dates that – together with the ideas, projects, facts – will always make us remember the just past year. Then we go in chronological order.

1) 18.02.12: The first CCT-Event! * Una Notte con Clet * – CCT presents Clet Abraham, the artist of street signs – @ Opificio Jm, Prato;

2) 29.04.12: CCT is in Perugia to present itself at the International Journalism Festival (since 2006, the leading media event in Italy) it’s one of the 12 web journalism projects selected for the international competition “future12”; see here the video of the 12-minute presentation!

3) 15.08.12: You can call it guerrilla marketing or as you prefer. We CCTzens do it above all because we have fun photographing the CCT’s smile in every corner of the world! This summer a serious stickering movement throughout all Europe has left and one of the CCT-Stickers has even reached Nordkapp!

4) 06.09.12: For the first time, RadioCCT is on air! We already had the CCTv (on YouTube and Vimeo), we also wanted the webRadio. And here our itinerant RadioCCT! Yes, it’s not  a normal radio, it doesn’t have a “station”. It’s naturally a vagabond radio!

5) 08.09.12: The first Midnight Run in Italy and in Europe (out of UK’s borders) organized by CCT-SeeCity! CCT promotes “The MNR” (a creative and glocal urban movement, invented by the artist Inua Ellams from London and sponsored by Puma) and this year for the first time CCT brought it to Italy, first in Firenze (8/9 September) and then in Milano (15/16 September). Think that on the 22nd of September, “The MNR” was organized in London by Tate Modern!

6) 10.09.12: Patric Alfred Haroldo (CCT Co-founder and photographer) exhibits three photos at the first “Street Photo Exhibition” by PUF! Pistoia Underground Festival 2012 (Best Breakthrough Italian Festival Award 2011). Yes, a real street exhibition in which instead of advertising there were giant photographs!

7) 17.10.12: “CCT-SeeCity: a virtual place for the real tourism”, the CCThesis by the Graduate Miss Linda! Yes, you got it right, it exists a thesis about CCT-SeeCity!

8) 24.10.12: Same Style, Soul and Smile. But a new Site! Thanks to our amazing web designer Giordano Fracasso, CCT changes clothes and it becomes even more beautiful and intelligent!! (There still are a lot of things – Calendar, Newsletter, App, etc. – to work on… do not think it’s all here!)

9) 30.10.12: Elena Mazzoni Wagner (CCT-Founder) wins the UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR award having presented to the international contest by UNhate Foundation di Benetton the project CCT-SeeCity that, voted by the web community, is one of the 100 winners selected among over 1.400 candidates from all the world!

10) 14.11.12: CCT-SeeCity is in London to celebrate at the party of The Lovie Awards (event that honors the best of the web in Europe) as it won a Silver Award with “CCT was, CCT is, CCT will” in the category Video-Documentary, thanks to our amazing filmmaker Guido Baroncelli! See here the video that tells in less than 9 minutes the first two and a half years of CCT, especially what it is and it does want to become.

11) 10.12.12: CCT-SeeCity is in Nomination for the Italian Premio WWW de il Sole 24 Ore!

12) 12.12.12: (a perfect date to do something really important…) CCT is a Cultural Association

Now 2012 is over. In economic terms, we have few to count (today many people believe to “pay” your job with the “visibility” and to be even generous in giving you the opportunity to work and so be “seen”; it’s a pity in the supermarket this new coin worth nothing). Anyway we can give you some numbers: 3 years (CCT celebrated its b-day on 09/09/12), 44 Seeties, 40 CCTzens (mean age 24), 120.000 visits, 3 international awards, 1 nomination for an Italian award. Besides, 2 new projects to develop – One Place and Street Sounds – and 1 CCT-Shirt, the VAGAMOND! And then, 1 hashtag: #aplaceoflove!

Sure, we could do better, we could give more. We know it and we promise this year that has just begun we’ll overcome ourselves! We’ll still grow thanks to our stubborn determination and as always in total independence and autonomy. There is a thousand of things to do and more every day. We have so many ideas to realize and also we are in the planning/organizing stage, so we ask you to forgive all our faults, lacks, imperfections and to be understanding. But we’ll be happy if you’ll make us notice our mistakes, we count on your honesty and we expect constructive critics from you because you are our most important jury!

In fact, we want to say “THANK YOU” readers and friends for following and loving us with our defects, for giving us strength and making us do believe in this small big dream. Be creative and spontaneous, to surprise your mind and amaze your soul, to open up your eyes and smiles. To unite people and places, cultures and passions. And make the world look like one unique city! These our good intentions for 2013 (and forever).

* Infinite and stellar times THANK you all CCTzens from the heart,

because without you this wouldn’t have been possible! Elena MW

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