LECCE La lunga storia di Galatina, con le sue luci e le sue ombre, si fa ancora sentire forte nella vita di tutti giorni. Se diversi personaggi storici hanno caratterizzato il passato di questa città salentina, sono altrettante le persone che oggi tengono viva Galatina e le sue tradizioni, con un tocco di modernità e un’incredibile passione.

PISTOIA “I must confess that prior to this trip, I had never heard of Pistoia but I was eager to discover its specialties anyway. With surprise and immense delight, I came across many places to truly celebrate food, tradition and time, as I had never done before.” A very passionate story by Miriam Figueras, illustrator from Barcelona. #CCTravellers2017

PISTOIA Comò Mag. tells stories through a direct contact with people. It finds inspiration in those who dedicate time to their passions. For this reason, during the experience as CCTravellers, it has decided to dwell on who the city lives every day in a curious and creative way: “We’ve been immersed for three days in Pistoia’s life and now our drawers are full of new stories to share. We invite you to our journey, made up of faces and words, those of the beautiful people we met.”