An infographic series about food-symbol of cities


SEETIES David Padrosa – creative director of L’esstudi, known design studio in Barcelona – has created an infographic series about food-symbol of some cities, representing the different ingredients and the various compositions. On the menù we have: PINXTO from Donostia (San Sebastián), PIZZA from Naples, SANDWICH from London, HAMBURGER from New York and SUSHI from Tokyo. Despite some little mistakes – like pizza “4 staGGioni” and the lack of the traditional “cucumber sandwich” (incomprehensibly so loved by British people), is a funny representation!

And what is the food-symbol of your city?

Donosti_Pintxo_infografia Napoles_Pizza_infografia Londres_Sandwich_infografia NuevaYork_Burger_infografia Tokyo_Sushi_infografia