Street Food in Palermo, the most authentic one!


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PALERMO We love Sicily and we always bring Palermo in our heart. So how could we not respond to the CALL for #CCTravellers2018?! The approximately 60 creatives invited by CCT-SeeCity to explore and tell the city, the Italian Capital of Culture 2018, coming from all over the world, have been welcomed by various local organisations, cultural associations, commercial and tourist businesses… Among the many people involved and that we met, we especially thank Danilo of the B&B Stupor Mundi for the fantastic hospitality (which distinguishes Palermitans) – a place we tell you more about in this other article.

Meanwhile, let’s start telling you about Palermo starting from what we are most passionate about and therefore from its food, of course, street food!

Pani câ meusa (in Italian, panino con la milza) is a very Palermitan street food.

And we do it through a video – (sorry, it’s mainly in Italian but its images are quite thorough!) – that we shot mainly during a tour organised by Streaty, a project that should exist in all the cities that – like Palermo – offer an important and rich street food culture.

Marco, founder of Streaty and a tour guide, led us to discover the most authentic Palermo street food, that one among the markets and that the Arabs introduced to Palermo thousands of years ago. We have therefore tasted these ancient foods in the places where Palermitans traditionally go, sharing this experience of smells and flavours, as intense as unforgettable, with the passion of those who really know to make and to tell the beauties and goodness of their own land. Here is our video-story about when we practically ate the city!

Curiosity! Do you know that the real recipe of “arancine” – (in Palermo people say arancina and arancine, feminine! Not arancino and arancini like in Catania!) – does not include the use of meat sauce!? And for the question of the female/male gender, you can read the explanation (in Italian) given by the Accademia della Crusca.

Hungry? If you are curious and want to try the most authentic street food, visit the Streaty website. Ah! In addition to Palermo, you can find the “Street Food Tours” organised by Streaty also in Catania and Venice. And maybe soon in other cities!

Ah! Here is our blog post:

#CCTravellers2018 – Street Food a Palermo

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