Few evenings ago, as the happy end of a Tuscan dinner organised at the #CCTravellers2016‘s home together with some friends and neighbours, CCTzens and special guests, we have served a delicious dessert inspired by the Tiramisù, perhaps the most famous Italian cake in the world. We wanted to do something very simple and fast, so we invented this super easy recipe: the CCTiramisùsùtu! 🙂



  • Coffee & Barley (for Moka) by Caffè Vergnano 1882
  • “Flowers” of shortcrust pastry by Biscottificio Amari
  • Brown sugar
  • Fresh cream
  • Dark chocolate drops
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Love (the most important ingredient!)


prepare Coffee & Barley with your Italian Moka; whip some fresh cream with a little bit of brown sugar (to add before starting to whip); immerse the cookie (we chose “Flowers” of shortcrust pastry because they are good but also nice to see) in a cup of Coffee & Barley just made, hot; place the cookie in the centre of the little dish (for the monoportion you’ll serve), let some dark chocolate drops fall on, then with a sac à poche (if you have it, otherwise you can use two spoons) some whipped cream and then more drops; to finish, dust with cocoa powder.

Super simple and super good!! Attention: a CCTiramisùsùtu won’t be enough for every guest, so leave all in the kitchen, the most greedy guests could have the bis or tris!!! 😉

NOTE: Yes, in our kitchen, there are mugs with the CCT face (that always smiles), thanks to Camaloon!

Un video pubblicato da CCT-SeeCity (@cctseecity) in data:

Made with love ❤ by Aida, Alessio, Elena, Eleonora.

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