WORLD Here are some tools collected in these days of #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd e #BlackLivesMatter, imagining a mini digital library for anti-racism – a page in progress, to update also with your contribution and which, given the global theme, collects resources especially but not only in English; a page made of links to information, essays, stories, books, podcasts, videos that help us to see the world from the other point of view.

ITALY says to the World “everything will be all right” and on this page of our web guidezine we’ll keep collecting for you some positive postcards, moments of music and magic, life and beauty, shared from many balconies and windows of the Italian cities during the Coronavirus pandemic, while the whole country is in lockdown. #SeeCity & Love, CCTeam • #OneWorld #AndràTuttoBene

PARIS without its Tour Eiffel. Impossible even to imagine, today. But if some French intellectuals would have won their battle, the Iron Lady (Dame de Fer) might have survived for maybe just twenty years or maybe less. The French originally hated it. If not all, certainly an important group of high-profile artists, thinkers and creatives who signed a petition to protest against the tower during its construction. They expressed all their hate towards this “useless” and “monstrous” monument with a love letter to their City of Lights (Ville Lumière) and finesse, published on Valentine’s Day 1887.

PISTOIA “The noise of the wheels on the still-warm tile of the patio woke my companions up; it was past 2 AM when I reached the plant nursery and the flat surrounded by yuccas, exhausted from a long car drive and wandering around in the middle of nowhere. Pistoia and its asleep villas seemed to be a lookout checking for strangers like me; I rushed in with no other expectation than a good night of sleep and here they were, waiting for me.” Continue reading this (true) story by Marie Beckrich | illustration: Tom Treadway | #CCTravellers2017

BRIGHTON Mille sfumature di azzurro, case dalle tinte pastello e profumo di mare, è un sogno diventato città. Oltre all’odore di salsedine, c’è profumo di libertà e allegria, di accoglienza e accettazione di ogni persona, dalla più stravagante alla più convenzionale. In questo supera persino Londra, che è un po’ il luogo-simbolo in cui si è liberi di dar forma a se stessi, perché all’indifferenza di una grande metropoli aggiunge un po’ di cuore tipico dei luoghi di mare: non solo lascia che tu ti esprima ma ti accoglie con un sorriso.

Few evenings ago, as the happy end of a Tuscan dinner organised at the #CCTravellers2016’s home together with some friends and neighbours, CCTzens and special guests, we have served a delicious dessert inspired by the Tiramisù, perhaps the most famous Italian cake in the world. We wanted to do something very simple and fast, so we invented this super easy recipe: the CCTiramisùsùtu! 🙂