Cefalù – a little piece of Sicilian dolce vita

Venelina Preininger

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PALERMO After having explored the Italian Capital of Culture 2018 (here my photo story), we have moved for some days of relax to Cefalù: a small fishing village and popular beach resort easy to reach by car or train from the City

1_Venelina Preininger

Cefalù entices with its small streets nestled between the azure sea and the golden rocks. The place is full of surprises, one never knows where a street might end and what the end of the street will offer – a dark closed alley, a wonderfully lit piazza or a splendid palazzo.

10_Venelina Preininger

The town shows the traces of the people who have passed through this land and left a tangible mark. Each wall bears a story that historians read and re-read in an attempt to decode which hands built it and which have embellished it. Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Vandals, Byzantines, Spanish and many others have passed, lived, traded and built sacred spaces to worship their gods and goddesses.

5_Venelina Preininger

In the evenings, one sits on the sea shore and listens to the waves to hear the story that only they might know and whisper in a language that dreamers can understand.

13_Venelina Preininger

Cultural history in Cefalù has been very diverse. One sees it on the faces of the locals – they are all different. However, they all have strong characters and above all a love for life, sea and sun.

4_Venelina Preininger

On my way to the hotel late in the night a gentleman saw me from his terrace and started to sing “Buonasera signorina, buonasera…”. Knowing the lyrics from my father I sang back “Buonasera signorina, kiss me goodnight!” – He laughed, I laughed. It’s la dolce vita!

2_Venelina Preininger

3_Venelina Preininger

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