Palermo – the very capital of the South

Stories by the “Creative Curious Travellers 2018” about the city of Palermo. A project by CCT-SeeCity. Thanks to: CLAC | @Igers.Palermo | MINIMUM | PUSH. | SeeCily Tourism Services – InfoPoint Palermo | USE-IT Palermo | ALAB | SAM! | Pasticceria Cappello | Caffè Letterario Teatro Garibaldi | Good Company Sicily | AddiopizzoAddiopizzo TravelVisit Palermo | Wonderful Italy.

PALERMO, the Italian Capital of Culture 2018!


Hot, vibrant, intense, rich in every sense and dimension. The city is overwhelming. It doesn’t let you adapt, you have to immediately dive into the heat, the noise and tempo of the South.


The streets of the old town are like a museum full of splendid churches, palazzos, piazzas, markets and gardens. When you enter any of these places, you feel the need for time: you wish you could have hours and hours to contemplate the beauty all around. Frescos, sculptures, chapels, mosaics, coats of arms all showing thirst for beauty and power yet ambition to immortalise a name for centuries ahead.



Next door another different surprise comes with its intensity which grabs all senses. The feast of magnificence in gold, silver, marble, stones doesn’t cease. It goes on and on. Dreamt, imagined and built centuries ago by Romans, Arabs, Normans, Greeks, Byzantines, etc… Beauty transcends religion, trade, politics and war. Palermo amalgams all into the Sicilian splendour.



I let myself be guided by curiosity and seduced by light, smells, conversations, sea breeze and stories. Locals spoke to me Sicilian. I imagine that is a way to make visitors feel part of the place. With their smiles they make you guess that all you need to understand here is just one thing: 


La vita è bella!






  • If it’s your first time in Palermo, you can get a short and general introduction to the city with your CITY CARD PALERMO (valid for 72 hours) + CITY AUDIOGUIDE PALERMO (to visit the city as an open air museum!). Ask for this at SeeCily Tourism Services | InfoPoint Palermo in Via Vittorio Emanuele, 351.
  • If you are looking for some special accommodation or experiences led by locals, go to – a tourist information website where you can find and ask everything you want about! They are part of Wonderful Italy network and they have an office in Palermo at MICRO in Via Torremuzza, 15
  • You can also have a very special stay, enjoy special experiences and tours with Addiopizzo Travel – an ethical travel agency for those who says NO to mafia.
  • Useful, COOL, Alternative, FREE City MAPS: USE-IT Palermo | The local map made by locals + ALAB Map | The artist studios composing the ALAB network that promote local art and handicraft + SAM! | The Street Art Map made by PUSH + Addiopizzo Map | an excellent means for everyone, citizens and visitors, both as consumers, who can actively contribute to support the healthy economy of the city choosing for the commercial activities that has openly decided to stand against the mafia.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: WANDER, get lost and talk with local PEOPLE! They’ll make you feel like HOME, like nowhere else in the World.

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