Trip Therapy – the film. Around the world with no flights and an inconvenient travel buddy

Trip Therapy by Lifestills Collective

“To wake up every day in a different place,
every night different stars to bid me goodnight. Life, at last.”

Claudio, 32, from Piacenza, quits his job to follow a dream. A journey around the world without airplanes, with a limited budget and an inconvenient travel buddy. A journey to claim back the distances, to cross borders and frontiers, to observe the changing of cultures and folks, to come into deep connection with forgotten local realities. In late March 2014, his dream comes true: he resigns and leaves everything to obey only his passions. He leaves on the 4th May with a first, ambitious goal: to reach the antipodes of Italy, Australia. It’s the start of his adventure: Trip Therapy. Here he sorts his ideas before crossing the Pacific Ocean on a cargo vessel intentioned to experience the American continent, with a special stop in South America. Today, in his 34, Claudio visited 36 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, and has covered more than 200.000 kilometers. The last stop of his adventure is the African continent to marvel at its wonderful nature. 1000 days around the world without flights. Sounds incredible, right!?


“Trip Therapy is not just a journey of someone living with diabetes, but rather a journey of everyone who desires to face and go beyond their limits.”

This story has inspired us as a collective of filmmakers for its social impact, but most of all it touched us on a human level. Indirectly, Claudio makes himself a mouthpiece for whomever wishes to outdo themselves. Listening to his experiences we came to know his deepest reasons and discovered what encouraged him to live his biggest dream.

As a team of indie filmmakers, all of our projects are self-funded and produced in collaboration with whomever decides to support us. In this case, too, we have started a crowdfunding campaign on the Italian platform Eppela. Our goal: 9K Euros. Whenever the campaign might exceed the goal, the surplus quota will be donated to Human Traction Onlus, a humanitarian organization we met during Claudio’s passage to Nepal and very dear to him.

Trip Therapy, supporta il Documentario!Il film documentario sul viaggio attorno al mondo di Claudio Pelizzeni, un’avventura senza aerei e con il diabete come compagno di viaggio.
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Posted by Lifestills Collective on Wednesday, 2 November 2016

We believe the journey of Claudio Pelizzeni could strongly motivate and inspire many other people. For this reason, to tell this story, we decided to gratis use our skills and our time.

Claudio Pelizzeni

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