When Berlin Kidz take the U-Bahn

Berlin Kidz

BERLIN U-Bahn, 2018

WARNING The following video features stunts performed by professional train surfers. Don’t attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this video. The train route shown in the video has also changed, and you can no longer ride it without dying!

“The actions shown (in this short docufilm) all took place over three days. It was three days of freedom and pushing new limits. Thanks to everyone who was involved during this memorable time.”Berlin Kidz, the legendary daredevil Kreuzberg Parkour crew. | Follow them on Facebook & Instagram


Berlin Kidz is a group of sprayers, train surfers, parkour runners and artists from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Members follow a systemic approach. Their graffiti in the city of Berlin are large-format, vertical lettering (mostly red and blue) in the Brazilian Pichação style, which are sprayed with the help of climbing equipment on hard-to-reach facades. The group also make guerrilla actions. Two documentary films about: Berlin Kidz – 100% Pure Adrenaline (2014) and Berlin Kidz – Fuck The System (2017). | Follow them on Facebook & Instagram

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