CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2018

CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2018 - poster

* photo by Danilo Salvo, CCTzen from Palermo


We invite all creative curious travellers to join this CALL for living and sharing a unique experience in Palermo – Italian Capital of Culture 2018 (Sicily, Southern Italy) as our special guests: free accommodation for 5 days (4 nights) + welcome gifts, special vouchers, authentic tips and little surprises. Our hospitality in exchange of one beautiful eternal story to publish on this web guidezine [] and tell the world!

Welcome home! Accommodation for you (+ 1 or 2 friends)

Your home in Palermo is welcoming and bright, artsy and comfy. It’s easy to reach from the central train station (by a free bus) and then, from here, it’s easy to walk and wander everywhere. It’s perfect for exploring the city! It’s very central, close to the main attractions but also close to the Zisa Cultural Yards (Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa). Another important detail: it’s surrounded by at least two of the most famous local bakeries, so it’s also perfect to start everyday with a good brioche & cappuccino! Last but not least: there will be always someone from the CCTeam at your disposal, especially to give you tips and contacts, to facilitate your experience and suggest you the best – also thanks to CCT’s local friends and partners.

Would you like to explore and tell the city of Palermo together with some FRIENDS? You can submit your application just for you or for you + 1 or 2 friends (creative and curious like you) – and so share with them your home in Palermo. Otherwise, you’ll meet here other #CCTravellers2018!

NOTE We are an independent cultural organisation. We can’t afford to cover your travel costs but we can promise this: we’ll do our best to see you smile every second in Palermo! :

Welcome kit! Gifts & Surprises


This CALL is for storytellers, writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists (of any kind: street art, music, etc.) who love being surprised while they explore the world – with curious eyes and creative minds – in search of details that make the difference… Because different is beautiful!

NOTE Everyone can apply for this CALL, everyone from everywhere! Yes, even people who are already part of our Community (CCTzens & past CCTravellers).


City: Palermo – Italian Capital of Culture 2018 (Sicily, Southern Italy). Two important notes:

  • FACT: since 2015, the Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalú and Monreale are UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • EVENT: this year 2018, from 16th June to 4th November, Palermo will host the 12th edition of MANIFESTA – The European Biennial of Contemporary Art.


OPEN CALL | 15th March – 15th April (2018)

APPLICATION | It’s very simple! You just need to FILL OUT and SUBMIT an online FORM that you’ll find here below or at this page. The form will be online until 15th April.

SELECTION | This year the CCTeam will work together with a LOCAL JURY composed by four independent cultural organisations based in Palermo, our brilliant Partners: CLAC + @Igers.Palermo + MINIMUM + PUSH. After the selection phase, they’ll also help us to create a sort of editorial plan with some ideas to propose to our special guests, according to their interests and passions. Soon, we’ll tell you much more about these four wonderful organisations and their projects. In the meanwhile, a short general introduction:

  • CLAC is a cultural enterprise and resilient organisation! Active in Palermo since 2003, it develops projects that – through various services and products – promote cultural innovation and transform the territory. |
  • @Igers.Palermo is the official IGERS community of Palermo! #igersPalermo |
  • MINIMUM is a working space made of research and collaborations, open to the new languages of photography and image. Founded in 2015, it’s located in a former warehouse in the historical centre of Palermo. |
  • PUSH. is a design lab for social innovation. Using a human-centered approach, it develops solutions to improve the quality of life in cities and protect the environment. Founded in 2013, in Palermo. |

CONFIRMATION from the Selected Applicants | The CCTeam will EMAIL to every selected applicant asking to confirm the participation within 7 DAYS. The participants will have to confirm sending a REGISTRATION FEE of 25 euros (per person) and declaring they agree with our TERMS of COLLABORATION (signing a document that will precise every aspect of the #CCTravellers2018 project we mention here, in this CALL). 

ANNOUNCEMENT | We’ll do our best to announce the #CCTravellers2018 by mid-May.

HOSPITALITY | The #CCTravellers2018 will be our special guests for 5 DAYS (4 NIGHTS) during this period: from 14th June to 24th July. We could host max four/six people per time.

YOUR STAY, YOUR STORY | If you’ll be selected – according to your cultural interests and passions – CCT and our Partners will propose to you some ideas and tips, in order also to help you in the research and development of your story. During your stay in Palermo, you’ll be free to explore the city and its surroundings. Anyway, it’s very important your story to be DIFFERENT from the others’ ones as the mission of this co-storytelling project is – obviously – to tell the city in different ways and touching as many aspects as possible. Just follow your passions and express your creativity! 🙂 

BE SOCIAL & SHARE | If you’ll be selected, we’ll invite you to share your experience with photos/videos/stories/posts/ect. through your SOCIAL MEDIA and to use some HASHTAGS in particular like #CCTravellers2018, #Palermo2018, #IgersPalermo, #CCTravellers, #SeeCity. Also, we’ll suggest you to always TAG @CCTseecity + all the Partners involved and all the Places that will welcome you: this way all of us could always interact with you, like and share your posts! 

DEADLINE & PUBLICATION | If you’ll be selected, we’ll ask you to send us your story possibly within 2 MONTHS from your departure date. Last deadline for everyone will be 24th September. We’ll translate your story in Italian (or in English), publish it in both languages (English and Italian) on this web guidezine [] and share it everywhere through our social media. Obviously, your story will be signed by you and you’ll have an Author profile on CCT with a short introduction and all links to your blog/website and social media. We’ll do our best to publish all the stories about Palermo by the #CCTravellers2018 within the end of the year.


We are an independent editorial participatory web platform made by an ever-growing creative community. Our mission is to promote Creativity, Culture, Territory and to inspire people to Create, Communicate, Travel.

Creative people, artists and activists, have a cultural awareness and an unusual sensitivity that make them see life and reality in a different way: they see those details that make the difference and – we believe – different is beautiful! Somehow, they look for beauty everywhere. And beauty is everywhere. It just needs to be unveiled, told and shared. Why? We need beauty. Humans need beauty. Isn’t it?

#CCTravellers is an idea by CCT-SeeCity. A co-storytelling project for the promotion of Creativity, Culture, Territory. An opportunity for every creative curious traveller but also (and especially) for the city involved. An editorial format based on the idea of a conscious and sustainable, slow and widespread tourism, in contact with the most authentic local life. 

This is our third “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers” (after Prato 2016 and Pistoia 2017). If you are a creative curious traveller, do not miss this unique chance. We can’t wait to welcome you and share your story! 🙂  


Joining this “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2018” is actually very simple: you just need to fill out and submit the online FORM below or at this page. For any question, email to [] or call us [+39 366 9777735]. See you soon! Love, CCTeam

This FORM to apply will be online from 15th March to 15th April.

And we’ll announce the #CCTravellers2018 by mid-May.

This CALL is now closed.

Thank you for your submission! We’ll keep in touch 😉 

#SeeCity & Love, CCTeam

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