Top Resources Online to Boost Your Writing Skills

Students know that sometimes, studying becomes just too stressful. Writing assignments take a lot of time and bother more than any other tasks. That’s why there are a lot of students who look for reliable writing service providers. There are hundreds of companies that provide their services online. It is important to avoid scammers. It is not a must that a scammer will want to steal your money and disappear. Some scammers pretend that they are reliable providers. But they sell one paper several times, which is illegal and causes many problems.

That’s why it is better if you know where to buy essay. The company shall have positive reviews online. A good writing service provider has specialists in all fields. So, the company clearly states on its website that they can write any papers for you.

A reliable provider gives you some guarantees:

  • The confidentiality of your data;
  • The uniqueness of your paper;
  • Paper compliance with the requirements you have provided;
  • Some companies offer free editing services, and similar.

The more perks the company offers, the better it is for you.

If You Don’t Want to Write Your Essay, Consider the Following Resources

However, you might be wondering now if buying your essay is a must. Of course, it is not a must. You might want to write all your papers on your own, and it is wonderful. Then, you should know some top tools, some useful resources that can facilitate the writing and editing process of your essay significantly.

Grammarly Checks Grammar

One of the top used tools online is Grammarly. This is a free online tool that checks your essays for grammar issues. All the errors are highlighted so you can locate them easily. In a special popup window, you can check the error matter, and the suggestions to edit it. You decide whether to accept the suggestion or discard it.

We recommend to double-check each suggestion. In the very end, they all are made by a tool. Any tool can make mistakes. However, Grammarly is a great option to eliminate most errors.

Hemingway App to Make Writing Easy

The main requirement is a simple-to-read language. It is important to make your paper clear to your reader. If you don’t manage to do so, you might lose important chances in your life. It is especially important if you are preparing not a routine paper but, for example, an essay to apply for a scholarship.

Hemingway is a simple online editor. It checks your text for the clearness of writing. If the tool detects complicated or unclear sentences, it will highlight them. Hemingway prefers active over passive. That’s why all the constructions in the passive voice are highlighted. The tool also provides options to replace the “bad” pieces of text.

This tool has one more valuable feature. It checks whether there are words and expressions that are too technical, archaic, or used rarely. You might have written very simple sentences, but if the vocabulary is too complicated, the tool might be unhappy. We understand that in some texts, it is impossible to write without using specific terminology. That’s why it will be useful for you to know about this specific feature of the tool. You might consider it when you are checking your paper for readability.

Plagiarism Is Not Allowed

We are sure that you never copy-paste content from other papers. However, your teacher might want to check your essay for uniqueness. It happens that still, the tool might detect some coincidences with a different text that has already been published online. There is nothing bad in it; however, you might need to avoid such situations.

That’s why you are recommended to check your essays for plagiarism level. Only after that, you can submit your paper.

There are many free and paid tools. We would recommend Copywritely. It is a paid tool, but you can request a free trial to check if the functionality is fine for you. Copywritely checks your text and compares it against thousands of texts online. After the check is complete, it displays the results and the websites where the coincidences with your text were detected. You can check them website by website and fix all the cases.

Some other tools are included in Copywritely. However, they are more useful for SEO specialists or those who work with online marketing.

Google Docs Make Your Essay Perfect

Finally, copy your text in Google Docs before submitting it. The tool will check once more if there are no grammar errors, will suggest replacing some lexical units if needed. You don’t even need to run spell-check there. Everything is done automatically. Finally, format the paper, and that’s it. It is ready to be submitted.

Final Thoughts

Now, when you know that the web is full of super useful tools, you might want to try them out immediately. Do you have a writing task that is pending? Research the topic, write your paper based on the requirements. Then, you can use all the mentioned tools, one by one. You will be surprised how easier things are if you know about the existence of these resources.

Writing is easy now, with top tools for writers. Don’t use them blindly. Make your own research on each suggestion that the tool gives, learn the rules, and improve your skills.

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