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CCT is The Guidezine for curious people [made with ❤ by creative locals & travellers]. Since 2009.


CCT is an independent editorial participatory web platform made by an ever-growing creative GLOBAL COMMUNITY of writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists [CCTzens & CCTravellers] who explore the world [Seeties] and share beautiful eternal LOCAL STORIES according to their cultural interests and passions.


CCT’s mission is to promote Creativity, Culture, Territory and to inspire people to Create, Communicate, Travel.


We live in the “Urban Millennium“: today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and by 2030 this number will swell to about 5 billion. Because of globalisation and gentrification, many cities are rapidly losing their local, historical and communal identities in a land-grab for commercial space, for the so-called “non-places”. Creative people, artists and activists, are often plugged into interesting networks, they know places worth visiting for aesthetic or social reasons and they know fascinating people and unique stories. They have a cultural awareness and an unusual sensitivity that make them see life and reality in a different way: they see those details that make the difference and – we believe – different is beautiful! Somehow, they look for beauty everywhere. And beauty is everywhere. It just needs to be unveiled, told and shared. Why? We need beauty. Humans need beauty. Isn’t it?

[CCTzens & CCTravellers] = our community!

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Advertising on gives access to an ever-growing creative community and curious readership passionate about places and people, cultures and travels.

ADVertising on gives access to an ever-growing creative community and curious readership, passionate about places and people, cultures and travels.

We offer native advertising and content marketing from advertorials to bespoke sponsorship that help you connect and interact with our community/readership in way that achieves your goals and also respects CCT’s community, readers, editorial line and integrity:

  • Advertorial: we publish a post about you to tell and share your story.
  • Guest Post: we publish your post about any topic related to out editorial line.
  • Sponsored Story: we publish a story in according to your brand identity.
  • Link Insertion: we insert your link in a new or already existing post.
  • Banner: we insert your banner in a new or already existing post.
  • Editorial Plan: we plan together with you the content creation for a series of stories to publish during a specified time period.
  • Special Project: we design together with you and for you an editorial format you sponsor.

For more info, inquiries and proposals, contact our ADV editorial staff to

We have worked or still work with/for…

various independent cultural organisations, public institutions, travel companies, fashion brands, artists, etc. Here are some of them in alphabetical order:

… | Addiopizzo | Addiopizzo Travel | ALAB – Palermo | Antonio Mattei, Biscottificio | AVIS Rental Car Italia | BetterHelp | Bisentino, Lanificio | Brandini Auto | Brickscape.itCaffè Vergnano 1882Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci | Cinema e Ambiente – Avezzano | CLAC | Clet | Comò Mag. | Cre.zi. Plus – Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo | CUT – Circuito Temporaneo Urbano | D.A.T.E. Sneakers | Decathlon | Discover PistoiaDolci Amari | easyJet | Estación21 – Madrid | FAI Giovani – PistoiaFishbone Búzios | Fondazione Caript | Fonderia Cultart | Fousion Gallery – Barcelona | Galería Maxó | Gallipoli City Council – Tourism | Giorgio Tesi Group | Good Company Sicily | Heroes MarateaHerschel Supply Co. | Igers Italia: Palermo, Pistoia, Prato | Italian Exhibition Group | Inua EllamsLa Fábrica – Madrid | La Sala – PistoiaLe Paris Noir | Liechtenstein Tourism | Liter of Light Italia | Lomography Spain | Love to Link | Malta Tourism Authority | meloquez | Meltin’Pot | MINIMUM | OltrePistoia | Opificio John Malkovich | Pistoia City Council – Culture & Tourism | Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture 2017Prato City Council – CulturePrato Fuori Expo 2015 | Pro Loco Castagno | PUF! Pistoia Underground Festival | PUSH. | RAI TV CulturaRAI Storia, RAI 5 | Reykjavik Boulevard | RoverPass | SAM! | SeeCily Tourism Services | Shakespeare & Company – Paris | TAI – Tuscan Art Industry | Tecnofloor | Tel Aviv City & Israel – Ministry of Tourism | The GIRAThe Midnight Run – London | Regione Toscana – Tuscany Region | Scai – Agenzia di Marketing e Comunicazione | Travel Cars – New Zealand | Travel On Art | Uffizi Galleries | UNESCO | Userfarm | Varsi Gallery – Roma | What Italy Is | Who Art You? – Milano | Wonderful Italy | – Chicago | …

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3 reasons to work with us

  1. We think global and act local.
  2. We are everywhere (thanks to our community).
  3. We believe details make the difference and different is beautiful.

Let’s collaborate, ContaCT us!

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