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The Guidezine for curious people [made with ❤ by creative locals & travellers]. Since 2009.


CCT is a web GUIDE + MAGAZINE about Places & People, Travels & Cultures.

CCT is an independent editorial participatory web platform made by an ever-growing creative GLOBAL COMMUNITY of writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists [CCTzens & CCTravellers] who explore the world [Seeties] and share beautiful eternal LOCAL STORIES according to their cultural interests and passions.

CCT’s mission is to promote Creativity, Culture, Territory and to inspire people to Create, Communicate, Travel. CCT is a daydreaming wanderer. I C & U ?

CCT-SeeCity 2018 - POEM


CCT is our way to write “SeeCity” and the three letters are represented by our LOGO that is a “Smile” or better the profile of a smiling face: the two eyes are two “CC” and the smile is an inverted “T” = CCT = #SeeCity, See & Smile! 🙂


  • CCT is a GUIDE because it tells stories about Cities [places]
  • CCT is a MAGAZINE because it tells stories about Cultures [people]

CCTzens & CCTravellers = CCT’s Authors

CCTzens are creative people who share beautiful eternal [true] STORIES about the cities they are based in and the world they explore, according to their cultural interests and passions. They publish their stories as Authors of this web guidezine [] and we share them through our social media. When CCTzens are invited by the CCTeam + Partners & Sponsors to move somewhere (as special guests) with the mission to promote a specific TERRITORY, they become CCTravellers. | Are you creative, curious and passionate? Join our Community!

SEETIES (= See+Cities) are the Cities we explore and tell about. We want to “SEE” the world as it really is and not like it glitters in tourism advertisements. Thus, our readers are not tourists – (what a bad word!) – but curious travellers and citizens of the world.


Since 2009, CCT wanders in search of PLACES and PEOPLE, in search of beautiful stories, in search of DETAILS that make the difference, because DIFFERENT is beautiful. CCT looks for BEAUTY. Here are 3 thoughts that led our way to be curious and see the world, to travel and tell/share stories; our editorial line and style that we call Creative Street Journalism; our Philosophy, our Seelosophy.

1) THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL PLACE: In 1992, French anthropologist Marc Augé has conceived the definition of “non-place”. Supermodernity produces “non-places”: airports, train stations, shopping malls, hotel chains, holiday clubs or touristic villages, etc. This way, being in New York or Berlin or Shanghai doesn’t make any difference because “non-places” do not have any relationship with the local territory and its cultures. Oppositely, Marc Augé defines the “anthropological place” as relational, historical and concerned with identity but he also says: “in the concrete reality of today’s world, places and non-places intertwine and tangle together.” CCT aims to tell “Places” and especially their details that (even in non-places) make the difference.

2) THE ART OF TRAVEL: “If our lives are dominated by a search for happiness, then perhaps few activities reveal as much about the dynamics of this quest – in all its ardour and paradoxes – than our travels. They express, however inarticulately, an understanding of what life might be about, outside the constraints of work and the struggle for survival. Yet rarely are they considered to present philosophical problems – that is, issues requiring thought beyond the practical. We are inundated with advice on where to travel to; we hear little of why and how we should go – trough the art of travel seems naturally to sustain a number of questions neither so simple nor so trivial and whose study might in modest ways contribute to an understanding of what the Greek philosophers beautifully termed ‘eudaimonia’ or human flourishing.” – The Art of Travel (2002) by Alain De Botton

3) LIFE: “Personally, I never think about photography; what occupies me is life.” Henri Cartier-Bresson


CCT wants to see, watch, observe. Admire. And its eyes aim to explore the world in search of just beautiful eternal [true] stories. I C & U ?

The beginning of our story.

Here is the beginning of CCT’s story in less than 9 minutes! A short documentary about CCT-SeeCity by our filmmaker Guido Baroncelli. March 2012: CCT was just two and a half years old and we did this video to present our project at the International Journalism Festival (we were invited as finalists of the “future12” contest). Later, with this video, we won a Silver Lovie Award 2012.

#SeeCity, See & Smile! 🙂 

I’ve seen a Silent Song, I’ve heard a Smiling Star, I’ve tasted a Secret Street,
I’ve breathed a Soul Sight, I’ve touched a Different Life.
#SeeCity, Surprise.

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