Hello beautiful Pistoia! = !שלום לפיסטויה היפה

Zohar Winer

Stories by the “Creative Curious Travellers 2017” about the city of Pistoia. Thanks to: Giorgio Tesi Group | Discover Pistoia | NATURART | La Sala | FAI Giovani – Pistoia | BrickScape.it | Brandini – Pistoia | Comune di Pistoia | Pistoia Italian Capital of Culture 2017.

Some years ago, our CCTzen Michele Moricci found out and fell in love with Zohar Winer‘s art. He shared his discovery in a post on our web guidezine and then, this year, he invited her to join our “CALL for Creative Curious Travellers 2017”. We are so happy she joined our #CCTravellers2017  project for the city of Pistoia! Thank you, Zohar. CCTeam

PISTOIA When I’m travelling or just walking around, I get inspired by colours, light, and interesting combinations between materials, greenery and people that create magic in my mind. Pistoia is a city with an amazing old centre but its urban heart is beautiful also because of its vegetation, trees and flowers you see in the streets and squares and that connect the city with its surroundings of plant nurseries but especially with all the mountains around… This combination of architecture and nature is simply beautiful. Another thing I really enjoyed of my time as CCTraveller in Pistoia is that I felt always a welcomed guest. Even if it was my first time in this city, I never felt a tourist. I liked this feeling.  

להתראות בקרוב, פיסטויה!

“See you soon, Pistoia!” in my native language, Hebrew.

So here is my illustration of Pistoia as I experienced and seen it.

Pistoia illustrated by Zohar Winer

* Curious? Here is the article by Michele Moricci about Zohar Winer:

Artist: Zohar Winer

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