Artist: Zohar Winer

Zohar Winer

TEL AVIV Zohar Winer is freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She is 28 years old and she lives in Tel Aviv. We have met her discovering the interesting project 50/70, an online shop for original artworks based in Israel.


Jeffa – Vector Illustration

She has mostly influenced by what surrounds her: the city, the noise and the routine. Street art, fashion and also people she meet.  The most intriguing inspiration she is involved with is the gap between real vision and imagination.

Markers and pen and vectors are her media. Zohar Winner dreamy artworks carry the observer in another dimension, stuck in the middle of nowhere between life and a visionary imagination.


Public Garden – Markers & Pen


News – Vector Illustration


Jerusalem – Markers & Pen


Artist: Zohar Winer
Site: CargoCollective/ZoharWiner | Instagram: zoharwiner

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