Artist: Noa Alon

Michele Moricci

TEL AVIV After graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Noa Alon young Israeli illustrator, moved to Tel-Aviv where she works in the city as a designer and animation artist. We discovered Noa Alon in the creative factory of 50/70. And his work, it immediately appeared interesting.

From an early passion for drawing and animals, soon she discovers her vocation, and the same day she learned to hold a pen she begins a true love story with creativity. Noa is inspired by the beauty of nature and the deep sense of freedom it suggests.


Noa Alon tells CCT readers: “When I was 12, me and my family moved to a rural area where I started to get in touch with nature, falling in love with it and learning the meaning of freedom” and also says “very of my work is influenced by that time. Today i illustrate my memories on paper, always trying to capture those naive feelings and trying to preserve the romance of real subjects and nature”.

In a natural fusion Noa Alon tells a story of metamorphosis, life and death. She portrays elegance with realism and surreal portraits of nature, animals and human life. Ink creeps into the paper like a nineteenth-century figures and digital colors blends each other giving Noa Alon’s illustration a perfect correspondence between her memories and a modern gothic tale.


yojik-on-a-skull---pen-on-paper-and-digital-coloringByNoaAlon peacock--pen-on-paper-and-digital-coloringByNoaAlon flight-pen-on-paper-and-digital-coloringByNoaAlon

“Even today, I’m not sure my parents know about how their choices have influenced my creativity” Noa concludes with an ironic thought.


Artist: Noa Alon

Facebook: Noa Alon Art | Instagram: No-A-Lon | Shop: NoaAlon/Society6

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