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SEETIES If you love architecture, then these city maps are for you!


Brutalist Paris, Modern Berlin, Brutalist Washington, Constructivist Moscow, Art Deco London and Brutalist London are the titles of the recently updated set of thoroughly researched and carefully designed architecture maps by Blue Crow Media.




These maps are meant to not only guide the reader to discover bold, bizarre and interesting buildings, following a specific architectural movement, but also to provide a different way to see and experience the cities, to explore areas not usually on the tourist itinerary and to encounter some genuinely radical urban environments.

Here are three examples of Brutalism, reported in the London, Paris and Berlin maps:

National Theatre by Denys Lasdun - London
National Theatre by Denys Lasdun – London
Les Choux de Créteil by Gérard Grandval - Paris
Les Choux de Créteil by Gérard Grandval – Paris
Neue Nationalgalerie by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Berlin
Neue Nationalgalerie by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – Berlin

Photography featured in these maps is almost always a monochromatic interpretation of the buildings; it identifies the vast capacity of this art/science between streets and skies, but also it’s an invitation to walk, explore and see the colours with our eyes! 😉 

Founded in 2009 by Derek Lamberton, Blue Crow Media is an independent publisher dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed and carefully curated city maps and apps. They work with a variety of professional writers, photographers, designers and developers to produce high quality products.

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