Artist: Amit Shimoni

Michele Moricci

JERUSALEM Amit Shimoni, 26 years old, is a student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design in Jerusalem. We have found Amit Shimoni in the creative factory of 50/70. And his works immediately appeared interesting.

a-dream by Amit Shimoni

The extemporaneous traits and realistic portraits of Amit’s digital masterpieces are a ping-pong between the emotional creative worlds and his perception. Amit loves to observe the world, redefines the reality of which they are drawn off and proposing it in the form of art filtered from his point of view. He started painting around song-lyrics, imagining the universe so new and who knows, he tells us: “maybe sooner or later, someone will try to compose melodies inspired by my designs”.

end-of-summer by Amit Shimoni

From acrylic to digital, Amit ranging in genres and finds numerous artistic synthesis. The pictorial portraits on wood and the elaborate digital illustrations are the common denominator in the expressiveness and power of the concepts re-interpreted by watchful eyes and skilled hands of Amit. Create art, filtering reality, it is the gift of Amit for the careful observer eager for new dimensions of creativity and contemporary history.

Grandpa by Amit Shimoni3-Generation by Amit Shimoni Monk by Amit Shimoni


Artist: Amit Shimoni

Facebook: Amit Shimoni – Illustration

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