50/70 Points of View

For most of us 50/70 are only the measures of a poster, of a canvas to be painted or the ones of a digital spreadsheet on the computer screen, but on the crowd web it means a lot more. In fact, it is the name of an exciting new project that will promote young art.

Directly from Israel, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the wide universe, 50/70 is an online store dedicated to the talented artists, to their visions of the world and to those who love to collect great images. A stream of ceaseless creativity that ranges from pencil to vector to represent the reality that surrounds us.

Illustration By Eran Mendel 5070 Illustration By Limor Schnurmacher 5070 Illustration By Miki Mottes 5070

Though the site, for now, is only available in the Hebrew, the universal language of art certainly will make you thirsty. And while we wait for the English version, we want to intrigue the most discerning palates of yours and, starting this week, some of the most talented will have a small space in the Sunday Sketch column for CCTzens & Friends lazy on sunday.

Love to discover art? Then stay tuned!

Aviation By Zohar Winner Pollution Water by Yonatan Popper

For more information visit the official website www.5070.co.il

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