Minnuzze and other Italian sweets illustrated by Tamara Shopsin

Tamara Shopsin

ITALY seen from NEW YORK. 

Tamara Shopsin – author, designer, cook and illustrator – has published on The New Yorker a minimalist and funny “visual guide to Italian sweets” translating literally their names to show American readers how these are creative, strange and odd or religious and naughty, sometimes sexy or even hot.

Dear Italians, what do you think about? And what other sweets made in Italy would you add to this special list? :)

Shopsin-Sweets-01 Shopsin-Sweets-02 Shopsin-Sweets-03 Shopsin-Sweets-04 Shopsin-Sweets-05 Shopsin-Sweets-06 Shopsin-Sweets-07 Shopsin-Sweets-08 Shopsin-Sweets-09 Shopsin-Sweets-10