ID_identity: “I am the cities I have seen”


SEETIES The ID_identity project comes from a reflection on who we are and who I am. Investigating how I became Camilla, from where all the pieces of myself came from, I found five pillars that have been transformed into four images of a unique identity: 1) the people I love, who, with their traits have influenced me and helped to grow and become who I am today; 2) where I came from, the land that defiles my imagination with its rounded lines and colors; 3) the books I read, who accompanied me and talked with me as if they were alive, making me get in places and conclusions that without them I would have taken years to find; 4) the cities I’ve seen, that make me see with new eyes things that I think to know already while they are actually different every time; 5) at the end, I am what I dream.






Camilla Garofano