The [Barcelona] Midnight Run * 8/9 Jun.’13

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WHAT is MNR? Read here: The Midnight Run!
Take note: This post will be updated until the event!




The Midnight Run (MNR) is an urban movement created on 2005 by the word & graphic artist Inua Ellams from London (’84, Nigerian origins): writer and theatre performer (also resident poet at Tate Modern) and graphic designer (among his clients BBC, Coca Cola, Puma). Since 2011, CCT-SeeCity promotes The MNR in Italy and in the world! On September 2012, CCT has organized the first MNRs abroad UK in two cities: Firenze and Milano. And now it’s going to bring this dream even to Spain: the next MNR is in Barcelona on the 8th June 2013!

For people who, instead of sleeping, want to live dreams…

The MNR is a 12-hour walk (from 6pm to 6am) lead by Inua and 5 local artists with 30 participants. The walk is half organized and half spontaneous; during the various stops, the artists make live performances involving even passers-by.

The NEXT MNR is in Barcelona on the 8th June 2013. And it’s The first MNR in Spain!

TICKET (30€): Tour + Parc Entry + Metro + Dinner + Drink + Breakfast + Bag with little special surprises!

Saturday 8th June 2013 at 5.30 pm @ outside MUNDET Metro Station (on the Green Line 3).


MNR KIT: MNR+CCT bag with MNR Map, CCT-Stickers and other little surprises…

MNR Tour (work-in-progress!):
– Parc del Laberint d’Horta
– Metro: Mundet –> Fontana (Gracia)
– Meeting Tania Muñoz (Storyteller)
– Dinner @ d’Aqui: (Gracia)
– Gracia –> Ciutat Vella (by foot)
– Dance with Sheila Ruiz @ Arch de Triomf
– Stop @ PINZA’T:
– Meeting Mono & Peca @ Fousion Gallery (Calle Carassa 4): Peca Exhibition ( + short film “La Competitiva” (
– Secrets de Ciutat Vella (with Tana Gomis – TACATA & Materia BCN): Barri Gòtic y El Born
– Stop @ Plaça del Rei (Barri Gòtic)
– Meeting Maxó Rennella @ Galería Maxó (Portal Nou 29):
– Acoustic Secret Gig @ by Wiggum band:
– Dance with Sheila Ruiz @ Macba (Plaça dels Àngels, Raval)
– El Raval…
– MursLliures (Free Walls: @ Jardins de les Tres Xemaneies (Poble Sec)
– City View Breakfast at Sunrise @ Mirador de Miramar

Sunday 9th June 2013 at 6.00 am @ Mirador de Miramar

CCT-SurpriZe: CCT-Shirt VAGAMOND by JesùLaFrench

Inua Ellams + local ARTISTS:
– Sheila Ruiz, dancer
– Tania Muñoz, storyteller
– Wiggum, band:
– Mono & Peca: &
– Maxó Rennella:
– Jonathan Edery, photographer:
– Emmanuelle Martin & Ismael Guillermo Ordaz Reyes, videomakers (from IED Barcelona:

Main Partner:
– Tacatá. Servicios culturales:
– Fousion Gallery:
– Galería Maxó:
– IED Barcelona:
– Meltin’Pot:
Media Partner: 


After Firenze and Milano, the first two Italian cities (and the first ones abroad UK) that on September 2012 have hosted The Midnight Run, we are excited to announce The first Midnight Run in Spain! City: Barcelona. Date: Saturday 8th June 2013. 

We’ll keep up to date this post with all the info until the eventour date. Now, if you don’t know what The Midnight Run is, let’s have a look here: While, if you already know it and you maybe have also participated to our two past editions, you can revive those magic nights through our video and photo reportages at the same link.

And if you want to book your ticket for this next MNR in Barcelona on Saturday 8th June 2013, click here: Or email us:


In the Midnight motto, ‘star’ can be taken literally,
or as a metaphor for art, artists, experiences
and the people in the shadow of the city,
in which case it takes on a beauty and importance:
The Midnight Run //
Cause we can’t see stars for fumes
we turn to smashed glass, believing
shards shine like constellations do.
Inua Ellams


Site: | Facebook: The Midnight Run | Twitter: @themidnightrun | Flickr: themnr



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