#LondonIsOpen underground campaign


LONDON Launched by artist David Shrigley and mayor Sadiq Khan, #LondonIsOpen underground campaign is a new series of artworks by UK and international artists: ten works will be shown across the city’s tube network. The first four just unveiled are by David Shrigley, Mark Titchner, Tania Bruguera and Gillian Wearing. Next six works by Jeremy Deller, Hew Locke, Indra Khanna, Sol Calero, Alexandre da Cunha and Bedwyr Williams will be displayed in tube stations from September.

The pieces were commissioned as part of Art on the Underground, Transport for London’s contemporary art programme. #LondonIsOpen was originally announced with an open call, which caused an intense and mixed reaction from the creative community. The mayor’s initiative aims to show that London is united and open for business to the world following the EU referendum. The message is loud and clear. Have you seen the video?

#LondonIsOpen underground campaign - 001

#LondonIsOpen underground campaign - 002

#LondonIsOpen underground campaign - 003

#LondonIsOpen underground campaign - 004

www.london.gov.uk | twitter.com/hashtag/londonisopen

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