PISTOIA Vi avevamo largamente anticipato l’apertura di questo nuovo spazio. Quando la nostra Ilenia, più di un anno fa ormai, ha mappato “il triangolo (o quadrilatero) dell’arte contemporanea” in città, avevamo già incluso anche VIABUONFANTI42. Allora il progetto era ancora un cantiere e si chiamava EXTI, in ricordo della storica Tipografia Bugiani di cui è stato magnificamente recuperato il bellissimo edificio. Bene, il nome è cambiato con quello dell’indirizzo in cui si trova (scritto tutto attaccato) ma l’idea è rimasta la stessa: essere un luogo ibrido, dedicato alla promozione della cultura contemporanea.

WORLD ‘Mindless Crowd’ is a collage of drone footage combined with a voiceover from the 1960s. The short film examines the different patterns and various formations which human civilisation has shaped on the surface of planet earth. It therefore uses only one single perspective, the top view. A 4-minute film by German (from Nürnberg) director Jacco Kliesch. Be curious and watch it!

BERLIN This is a story of one day in a miniature Berlin. Put your headphones, take a breath and dive into the symphony of the German capital city like never seen before. MiniLook Berlin is a 6-minute short documentary independently made by Okapi creative studio, in the past 2 years: 21 days of shooting and 142.069 still photos. A great work. Watch it, you’ll love it!

NORWAY ‘A Nordic Skater’ is a short film by Paulius Neverbickas, filmmaker with a big passion for action sports and camping in the wilderness, who’s always trying to inspire people to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Exactly like in his last work featuring Per Sollerman, a photographer who has been skating on frozen lakes and fjords for the past 10 years, because: “It is rooted deep in our bones that we need to be out in the nature”. Watch this story!