PRATO After the incredible ‘Grand Tour’ of last year, we want to continue to explore the places of industrial archeology in Tuscany, together with TAI – Tuscan Art Industry! And this year we’ll try to involve both “CCTravellers” and “Local Hosts”. Reason why, in addition to shortly present you the program of TAI 2018 (from 20 October to 20 November), we simultaneously launch two “CALLS”: one for all the creative curious travellers of the World and another for the inhabitants of Prato who’ll want to host the #CCTravellers in their city!

Una cartolina di Valentina Aufiero

ITALY, summer 2018. Just returned from a few off-line and on-travel days, the first thing we want to do is sending you some postcards from our Mediterranean Sea. Or better, we want to share with you the project of a creative collective based in Pozzallo (Ragusa, Sicily) that this summer has looked at our coasts and imagined that other people wanted to support those who save human lives. In this article, we tell you about the idea and the collaborative action behind the hashtag #soloincartolina and we invite everyone to participate! Dear Interior Minister, Dear Italian Government, Dear European Parliament: greetings and kisses from Italy.

The Tables by Jon Bunning

NEW YORK A look at the powerful connection between a pair of outdoor ping pong tables, in the heart of New York City, and the unlikely group of people they’ve brought together, from homeless people to investment bankers to gangbangers. Rain or shine, they’ll be there. At “The Tables”. A beautiful, very beautiful, 15-minute documentary by Jon Bunning, filmmaker and art director based in Brooklyn, NY. Watch the short film here!


ROMA in una guida che è prima di tutto un bellissimo album fotografico! 132 immagini che raccontano 99 luoghi suddivisi in 7 categorie (introdotte da mappe): Architettura + Strade e Vicoli + Street Art + Scalinate e Colonnati + Porte, Portoni e Insegne + Panorami + Pillole. Tutto incorniciato da indirizzi precisi, orari di visita, informazioni essenziali, utili consigli e alcune curiosità. E tutto a cura di Anna Scrigni: una vera esploratrice urbana con la passione per la fotografia ed Instagram! #SomewhereAroundRome #SeeCity