Blood pressure control for beginners

Debby Hudson
Heart - photo by Debby Hudson

Many lifestyle diseases are quite difficult to manage and control if one does not have the right kind of information. Did you know that the kind of foods you eat can either help you control blood pressure or worsen it? Did you also know that the kind of supplements that you use could also have a serious effect on your body? Have you used Friocard supplement for your blood pressure? Or what kind of foods or supplements do you take to improve your blood circulation or blood pressure? These are pertinent issues that you may want to be informed about before you start the process of controlling and managing blood pressure.

Heart – photo by Debby Hudson

What is blood pressure?

Blood circulates in the body after it has been pumped to and from the heart. This happens against the blood vessel walls. Therefore, blood pressure simply refers to the pressure at which blood circulates in the body. However, the term blood pressure in medical terms could refer to the pressure of the blood as it circulates in the large arteries.  When it comes to the diseases of blood pressure, one could suffer high blood pressure or low blood pressure. These are conditions that can be controlled.

Here are things beginners need to know about blood pressure control:

High blood pressure

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is a condition in which there is a high blood pressure against the arteries. The pressure that is above 140/190 can be considered hypertension. When the blood pressure is above 180/120, this can be considered severe and one may be in danger. You may want to know that high blood pressure may not have symptoms and if not treated over time, it could bring in other health problems such as stroke and heart diseases. To control and manage high blood pressure, one has to eat healthier, exercise regularly, and take the right medication to lower the blood pressure.

Low blood pressure

Also known as hypotension, low blood pressure causes dizziness and fainting when the brain does not receive enough blood. Low blood pressure does not always have to be caused by a disease. It could be the side effects of a drug or due to family history. Your sitting or lying position could also hinder the movement of blood to the brain and cause low blood pressure. In this case, you can raise slowly from your sitting or lying position and relieve the problem.

You may need to see a doctor if you experience the following symptoms:

  •         Feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
  •         You feel fatigued.
  •         You have trouble concentrating.
  •         If you faint or break out in cold sweat.
  •         If you breathe shallowly or rapidly.

The above could be signs you are suffering from low blood pressure. However, unless your doctor takes the right tests and confirms it, you have nothing to worry about.

How can one control blood pressure?

Here, we shall discuss natural ways one can use to control their blood pressure. High blood pressure can sometimes be caused by our lifestyles. What kind of activities do we engage in daily? What kinds of foods do we eat? These are aspects that can encourage high blood pressure. Here are the natural ways to control high blood pressure:

  1.   Exercise regularly. Try to be active and not passive. Walk around, walk to work, jog regularly and engage in activities that make the body active. This also helps you to lose weight, lower stress levels, and strengthen the heart.
  2.   Eat less salt. Most people take too much salt without their knowledge. Recommended limits are 1,500 mg of sodium per day. You can also reduce your sodium intake by avoiding taking processed foods. Restaurant foods and prepackaged foods are the major causes of excess salt and should be avoided.
  3.   Add potassium to your diet. This is because potassium is known to regulate the heart rate and also reduces the effects of salt in the body. Another advantage of potassium in the body is that it eases tension in the walls of the blood vessels, therefore, reducing high blood pressure.
  4.   One should also reduce their alcohol consumption or do away with it altogether. However, studies show that moderate alcohol consumption can be good for your heart. Too much alcohol however is associated with a spike in blood pressure.
  5.   Stress is also known to aggravate high blood pressure. As such, one must look for ways of reducing stress so that they do not suffer the effects of high blood pressure.

There are many other ways one can reduce the probability of suffering high blood pressure. One can research more to learn how to do this.

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