What Airports have given me

Gudrun Koppel
Frankfurt Airport by Gudrun Koppel

WORLD I love airports, beginning from the suffocating smell of goodbyes to the strangers you will never get to know. These places love me too, that I know. The one place on earth where my body can stomach more than one emotion, be it happy or soppy.

I got to know airports far too early in life in my opinion, who wants to see the physical form of so many goodbyes. So many ‘never see each other’s and ‘never be the same’s again. Still, I love them and their sometimes false promises of new beginnings that they flaunt around me. In no place did I ever feel so alone yet the crowd swallowed me gracefully.

Airports used to smell like heartbreak, if I can articulate what a younger me wanted to put into words. Ever so often I catch myself looking at old endings instead of new beginnings before I take off but Airports have taken me far, and I don’t only mean miles. I have been given two homes away from home in two separate universes, Africa and Europe.

Frankfurt Airport by Gudrun Koppel
Frankfurt Airport – photo by Gudrun Koppel

The bridge between continents is only 9 clouds away. I don’t know if I love traveling as much as I adore Airports, from enormous Frankfurt (Germany) to remote Entebbe (Uganda), bridging my geographical gaps among others.

Which is why I urge you to get lost in one once, by lost I don’t mean in cues of terminals taking you the wrong side of the compass. I mean a sit down with yourself and reflect on the journeys you have made and many more to come.

I am always worn out with boredom yet also experience bursts of epiphanies. Most importantly, these places of endless transit have given me parts of myself and people I carry with me. Airports are a part of me, almost like they feel the goodbyes even more than I do.

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