What Services Can a Property Management Company Provide?

Evelyn Paris

Property management companies provide services to both tenants and landlords. They are an important link between property owners and their tenants. Property management services involve handling day-to-day activities like maintaining properties, collecting rent, interacting with tenants, and facilitating the letting process among other activities. They make the interaction between the tenants and the landlord easy. It would be an extremely difficult task for a single landlord or property owner to deal with hundreds of clients especially those that own multiple properties. Here is an insight into some important services that the management companies provide.

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Providing Maintenance

Property management companies in most cases are aware of the local laws and ordinances of an area. They are also familiar with the local environment. Knowing the laws of an area helps ensure that as a landlord, you do not find yourself in legal entanglements since the management companies can take care of such. When it comes to physical maintenance, every area has its specific issues that only the locals are aware of. For instance, maintaining a property in a snowy area is different from maintaining another in a dry environment. A landlord would find it difficult to hire labourers every other time property needs maintenance. Property agents have all these covered and know when to take action before serious damage occurs.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and advertising can be hectic when you do it yourself as a landlord. You might take a long time to find tenants or property buyers and might end up paying much more than you need to. Established property management companies have databases of buyers and tenants looking for properties. When you allocate them your property, they already have a ready market even before they begin advertising. It is also easier for the agents to find the right tenants or buyers than you as an individual.

Vetting Tenants

It is important to vet tenants before letting them own your property. Vetting requires rigorous screening and background checks to ensure that you find well-behaved tenants; otherwise, you might end up having rogue clients. Most landlords confess that the problems they get with tenants like rent defaulting are as a result of failing to vet their tenants. Property managers have a network from which they can get valuable information regarding prospective tenants. It is important, therefore, that as a landlord you seek their services if you want to get cooperative and well-behaved tenants. 

Drawing up Leases

Before you rent out a place, you must have a lease agreement. This agreement states the services the tenant expects from the property and what the landlord would expect of the tenant. Without this, any of these parties can renegade on their word. Property managers have drafts of these agreements that cover issues like rent payment, disclosures, security deposits, policies on rent payments, and other aspects of property letting and acquisition. Writing these agreements from scratch could require you to pay for legal services. You can instead just contract a property management company to give you a wholesome package and ensure that your property stays in top-notch condition.

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