Vienna, the “Beyoncé” of Austria

WIEN Vienna, Vienna. I have never felt more like myself than in Vienna weirdly enough. I arrived late summer, around August, straight from Germany into this city of wonders. The first time I said I loved Architecture and I believed it too.

This capital is pretty by night, day and even at mid-days. Be it the Mariahilfer Strasse or the Hauptbahnhof (train station). It is almost as if the architecture gives me validation to be myself.

My expectations were surpassed, not because I had none but because I had never allowed myself to go beyond my imagination at picturing this pretty city. It is also diverse, I see different colours on different journeys in life or even back home. Riding all the public transport turns into an adventure in the “Beyoncé” of Austria. If I could put it according to drinks it would be a fine wine going down too smooth.

Fun fact: Vienna is home to the largest university in Europe, which speaks volumes for a country with a small population.

Walking down the streets on a warm summer day, Vienna feels like home even for a first time visitor. I was first enchanted by the districts, all 22 of them, which I haven’t all been to. There is always a small hint of pride that comes with Viennians exchanging which district they belong to. I personally love even numbers, my favorite being 16, no wonder why I am planning on going to the 16th district.

The thought of chilling in the warmer part of next year isn’t hard to stomach if you think in terms of Vienna. No great city can be toured in just a day, or even couple of times it certainly meets these expectations. For some reason, experiencing Vienna changed the way I look at cities now, even those I had seen in the past.

Wien by

The architecture of Vienna hits you like a daydream, one I still live in.

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