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Tell us a true story, we’ll give you a gift.

The first Monday of every month, we try to inspire you (for a week) with a new detail belonging to a gift that we’ll send to the best true story’s author. Every gift is chosen by the CCTeam and it represents our “Seelosophy“: what we do love and believe our community might love, too.



The Reykjavik Boulevard – Creative Guide for Curious PeopleA printed-visual inspiration manual with 162 pages of pure creativity and minimal graphic design. Note: this fashion-photography-design-art book is a LIMITED EDITION.

About: Reykjavik Boulevard is the story of a journey, not its destination. From 64°08’N and back, it met some of the greatest artists from different countries and cultures, in a creative discovery of the world through their stories and works. It linked them all in this Creative Guide by asking five questions about their first, last and future projects, their lifestyles, their dreams, inspiring artists and events in their careers and the places where they live, work and create. Here you can find a little preview of selected pages from the Creative Guide for Curious People limited edition issue. You can browse all the cover pages related to the 27 artists featured, then if you will be inspired, you can get your printed limited copy in its webstore! #BeCurious | www.reykjavikboulevard.com/creative-guide/


Reykjavik Boulevard invites to #BeCurious and explore the most artistic realities from around the world. We do believe “curiosity” is the key to live the cities and find out beauty in every urban corner, everywhere, everyday. The Oxford Dictionary defines “curiosity” as “a strong desire to know or learn something”. What do you desire to unveil about your city? What did you explore and find out thanks to your curiosity?

Theme: Curiosity.

Hashtag: #agiftforatruestory_curiosity

Week: 7-13 March 2016

Project Rules:

  • The first Monday of every month, we post a detail belonging to a new “gift” – on our web guidezine and Instagram profile @cctseecity – with one theme and one hashtag.
  • Any tagged photo taken over the week is eligible only if it shows a “true story” described in its caption (max 2.200 characters) and inspired by the theme.
  • Please, add the #agiftforatruestory_curiosity hashtag only to photos taken by you over this week and only submit your own story.
  • Next week, we’ll share the “best 9 true stories” on our web guidezine and Instagram, tagging the best nine authors. And we’ll announce the winner!
  • The winner will be directly contacted via Instagram and will receive the gift by the CCTeam.
  • CCTips: Try to see the world with different eyes and let the city suggest you how to start your true story. Details make the difference and different is beautiful! #SeeCity, See & Smile 🙂

#agiftforatruestory project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by the CCTeam, on the first Monday of every month. Special editions are sponsored by brands/companies we like. For a chance to be featured on www.cct-seecity.com and win the related gift, follow @cctseecity on Instagram and look for a post announcing the latest project.

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