Whoops! we have a new Site and we look for new CCTzens :)

Elisa Cepale

AreYouCreativeCuriousAndPassionate? Be a CCTzen!

Same Style, Soul and Smile. But a new Site!

What do you think about? Anyway, you have to know that many things are still under construction… because so many other surprises are coming! We also have to reformat all the old contents: therefore, sorry for the momentary little confusion and thank you for your patience. In a few weeks, everything will be in order!

Meanwhile, we take advantage to remind you that we are always looking for new CCTzens: creative people [writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists] from around the world, who through their passions want to share curious stories about the Seeties they live in or travel to.

Are you creative, curious and passionate? Be a CCTzen!

#SeeCity, I C & U ?

* Photo: from “Berlin is a canvas!” by Elisa Cepale 

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