The Midnight Run // European Tour 2015: videos & photos!!

ROMA, MADRID, LONDON, BERLIN, PARIS: 5 european capital cities explored from dusk to dawn (6pm-6am) by groups of strangers and local artists (now friends). 5 intense exciting nights we’ll remember forever. Thank you, MNRunners!


The #MNRlight2015 was the first European Tour of The Midnight Run, a dream we were able to live and share! Thanks to this project – coordinated by CCT-SeeCity in partnership with UNESCO to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015 – we have raised funds for providing low-cost solar lighting technology with Liter of Light Italia (NGO) to a new centre for women and children called The House of Marietou and located in Pikine, a suburban village of Dakar, capital city of Senegal. The #MNRlight2015 tour is done but its mission will be fully accomplished in December, in time for the opening of this centre (scheduled for 3rd January 2016). Obviously we’ll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, we want to say again – THANK YOU! – to every single MNRunner, Artist, Partner and Sponsor. And here all the reportages, videos and photos, of this romantic adventure that will always be in the memories of our hearts. With love, CCTeam & The MNR


The #MNRlight2015 has travelled with easyJet!

easyJet logo def copia

The #MNRlight2015 has walked with D.A.T.E. Sneakers!




#MNRroma, 23 May 2015

1 #MNRlight2015-#MNRroma-23May

* See the photo album by Fabio Mazzoni (and Andrea Masci) on “The Midnight Run” facebook page: [].

* Video by Guido Baroncelli.

#MNRmadrid, 20 June 2015

2 #MNRlight2015-MNRmadrid-20June

* See the photo album by Alvaro Cuallado on “The Midnight Run” facebook page: [].

* Video by Stefano & Alejandra.

#MNRlondon, 18 July 2015

3 #MNRlight2015-#MNRlondon-18July

* See the photo album by Grace Gelder and Viviana Chiotini and on “The Midnight Run” facebook page: [].

* Video by Ben Garfield.

* Video by Katie Garrett.

#MNRberlin, 15 August 2015

4 #MNRlight2015-#MNRberlin-15August

* See the photo album by Dario Jacopo Laganà and on “The Midnight Run” facebook page: [].

#MNRparis, 12 September 2015

5 #MNRlight2015-#MNRparis-12September

* See the photo album by Natalí Blanco and on “The Midnight Run” facebook page: [].




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The Midnight Run //

Cause we can’t see stars for fumes
we turn to smashed glass, believing
shards shine like constellations do.

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