One year on the road with: Meltin’Pot (2013-2014)


SEETIES A “melting pot” of different cultures and energies, combined with the enthusiasm for everyday life. It could go only this way, the journey we have shared with Meltin’Pot and that, in these last 12 months, has brought us to know these places and these people:


#00 The CCT questionnaire: Meltin’Pot

LECCE From Salento to the World. The story of the journey of Meltin’Pot, the Italian denim brand that combines different energies and cultures with the enthusiasm for everyday life.

#01 MACBA’s Angels (or Skaters)

BARCELONA At number 1 of Plaça dels Àngels, the MACBA – Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona is the best theatre to watch the spectacle of the skaters that, when they raise their arms to the sky to “fly” higher, seem to have wings.

#02 #Shoefiti: tossing shoes to draw graffiti up in the air

SEETIES Shoes onto powerlines and telephone wires, onto traffic lights and street signs, onto fences and tree branches. Wherever they can be tossed and remain hung up, held by the laces they are tied with.

#03 walking by Rio de Janerio

RIO DE JANEIRO “walking by” gallery: the street photography series by Patric Alfred Haroldo

#04 Graffiti Art in China: interview with Alex Chou

SHÀNGHǍI Graffiti art is now in vogue even in China. CCT has met Alex Chou, leader of Reload Crew, a well-established team for years in this city.

#05 walking by Roma

ROMA “walking by” gallery: the street photography series by Patric Alfred Haroldo

#06 walking by New York

NEW YORK “walking by” gallery: the street photography series by Patric Alfred Haroldo

#07 Le Camion Qui Fume: the “street & slow” burger that makes Parisians queue

PARIS When American culture meets French cuisine: the story of “the smoking truck” invented by Chef Kristin Frederick.

#08 LECCE, quannu mpunna… mpunna buenu!

LECCE Those days when the wind blows hard on the beach, we like wandering among the baroque architectures of the city but also get lost in the countryside beyond the walls of the historic center, among olive trees and dry stone walls.

#09 Anatomy of a “Trullo”

BARI How is made a “Trullo”? Let’s go to Alberobello and find it out!

#10 The White City

OSTUNI is all white, made of stone and lime. And milk, someone wrote. Colouring its narrow up-and-down streets, there are fat plants and flowers on the little balconies, there are clothes hanging outside and chairs next the houses’ doorways where the grandparents of the village sit observing the world and say (in dialect) wise thoughts.

#11 The minimalist art by Pejac and his creatures, from the scarecrow to the high-wire walker

SEETIES International critics compared him to Banksy but for us he has an own and unmistakable language.

#12 Window with a view: the first ART MOB that “reopens” the walled windows & doors of the Florentine palaces

FIRENZE It seems to be the first ART MOB of a series. Long and always more international, this we wish for the city!


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