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LECCE The Italian denim brand Meltin’Pot was born in 1994 in Matino (Lecce) from 50 years of experience, research and quality. The production – which has expanded from jeans to casual total look, in particular street – is distributed worldwide. The style of its collections – both male and female – explains the meaning of the name: a “melting pot” of different cultures and energies, combined with the enthusiasm for everyday life.

The CCT questionnaire:

A Place to See

A place to see, but also to navigate: the Mediterranean Sea. The sea beyond which we see our horizon every day from Salento, which is our home, our land. The sea that brings us into the rest of the world and blue like our denim canvas.

An inspirational People

Not any pop star, not any historical myth: the boy you meet on the street inspire us. Every girl or boy who lives in the contemporary metropolis, who is a unique interpreter (and therefore precious!) of the influences that society and media offer daily, through art, music, fashion, sport… We look at people who contaminates the contemporary with “vintage” references, items stolen from their own world of memories, objects, but also music, images, that every single person keep inside along with the new to be special, so inimitable.

An Event

The Burning Man in Nevada desert. More than just a festival, it’s an event where once a year tens of thousands of people from around the world meet to build a city that lives for a few days: Black Rock City. A total experience where participants are the main characters: there’s no program, but only the creation of a community of peaceful coexistence and exchange. Improvised performances, lots of music and art exhibitions in the heart of the desert. A unique show in the world, culminating, after 7 days of passion, with a symbolic gesture: the burning of the giant effigy of the wooden man.

An unforgettable Travel

The journey to NOWHERE. Nowhere, the quiet town in Oklahoma, but also nowhere like not to any place, or NowHere like any place, here and now. Metaphor of like a journey is important and unforgettable, whatever the destination. Where Life Takes You is our motto.



– A Book to read: “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac, a timeless classic, a book that is a journey in itself.
– A Movie to see: American History X – a strong film but enlightening, written and directed by Tony Kaye, a great director who we had the honor of working with.
– A Song to listen: Love is Strong by The Rolling Stone. We have a predilection for this band… and this song, published in 1994, the year of birth of Meltin’Pot, can’t miss in our soundtrack.
– A Dish to taste: Ramen Burger – the traditional hamburger “made ​​in USA” which is influenced by oriental cuisine. His bread is replaced by ramen, the typical Japanese wheat noodles. More “melting pot” than this…
– An Artist to keep an eye on: Jolly Mare, young (and from Salento!), scratch champion and vinyl records collector, is one of the most talented artists that the Italian music scene can boast in the recent years. Appreciated abroad and already host of major international festivals, he has released funk that experts have already noticed, considering him the new face of Italo Disco.

A Dream 

Wake up in a happy world, where everyone, definitely everyone, wear our jeans.



Meltin’Pot. Where Life Takes You.

Site: | YouTube: Meltin’Pot | Facebook: Meltin’Pot | Twitter: @meltinpotjeans

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