The minimalist art by Pejac and his creatures, from the scarecrow to the high-wire walker


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SEETIES Here there is no distinction between art and street art; there is not even a boundary between art and environment, graffiti or paintings and walls. Here there is freedom, dream, harmony, metamorphosis. The Spanish artist Santiago Silvestre, known as Pejac, uses various techniques and different materials but all his works, both indoors and outdoors, evoke the same lyrical and dreamlike vision of the world: men, art, animals, nature, city and sky, we are one thing.

The painting and graffiti entitled “Mi única bandera (My Only Flag)” is the synthesis of this thought: the only flag that Pejac sees, in fact, is a tangle of branches and leaves that tends to infinity.

International critics compares the urban art of Pejac to that one of the world’s most famous street artist: Bansky (his identity is secret, we only know he’s English). Personally, I think the minimalist language of Pejac is unmistakable, both in the street and in his drawings “to hang” and watercolours on paper.

His style, smart and elegant, often encounters a figure he calls “Esparcepájaros”: the scarecrow that in the eyes of Pejac doesn’t make the birds “escape” away but that “spreads” (esparcir) them, lets them fly, free. In addition, we point out: “Wallcanvas” in Santander (his hometown), a tribute to the Italian Lucio Fontana, and “Vandal-ism” in Rue Édouard Manet, 13th arrondissement, Paris, homage to the French painter.

And if also you are a bit romantic, you’ll adore his mini-figures in cut paper or acrylic paint – (including the French high-wire walker Philippe Petit, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, 7th August 1974) – photographed on the glass of the windows of his house, from a particular perspective that – with the clouds in the sky or the buildings in front – make a drawing more imagined than real. Or maybe the opposite?

ABOUT THE ARTIST Silvestre Santiago – alias Pejac – was born in Santander (Spain) in 1977. He studied Fine Arts in Salamanca and subsequently in Barcelona. In 2000/2001, he continued his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milano, thanks to a Pancho Cossío Grant awarded by the Government of Cantabria. Using multidisciplinary techniques, his work deal with topics like freedom, peace and lyricism, often turning into surreal dreams. Subtlety and intelligence are essential ingredients in the creation of his works. While his street art is gathering followers, Pejac also works on canvas and other media, creating everything from small prints to large outdoor murals. He currently lives and works in Barcelona but you could find his works in the streets of many cities around the world (Valencia, Madrid, Paris, Moscow, etc…).



Site: | Facebook: Pejac | Instagram: @pejac_art

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